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  1. I drive all the way to Oakville for MK Hair Boutique. She used to be in Brampton and then moved, and I went with her. She is too good.

  2. according to, it has never been played live.

  3. I could only read the first 2 answers before my eyes completely rolled into my head.

  4. I'm meh on Io though I'm guessing people are going to think he's called Lo often but WTF is going on with "iO"? It's a child, not an Apple product.

  5. Article says it will fund 7 shows in 7 diff cities, and is to support people (artists, athletes) affected by the sanctions. And a lot about patriotism and supporting the regime...i mean the country.

  6. What's the difference between a front office and a back office in the nhl?

  7. Back office pays bills, building maintenance, ordering stuff, etc

  8. My very first in-person hockey game was preseason Leafs-Sens when Spezza played for the Sens. Went to OT, Spezza literally skated in a circle around the offensive zone twice with the puck and then scored lol.

  9. I know Savchenko/Massot once tried a quad throw in the last seconds, but she fell.

  10. They have recently posted some clips of them training on instagram.

  11. Kevin is currently suspended by Skate Canada on an interim basis for allegations of misconduct.

  12. HOLY SHIT. Was not expecting this response. It says October 26, 2021 – To be determined. That is super recent!

  13. Did the ISU not invite the Russians, or did Estonia not let them in the country? If I recall correctly, for Sr Worlds, France banned the Russians from entering the country, so the ISU didn't have to do the banning.

  14. The absolute manipulation going on here, the event coordinators (whoever they are, plushy? idk) keeping all this secret from the skaters, and trying to make it look like they agree with the war.

  15. Trankov left a heart emoji comment, he appears to be one of the good ones as well as Liza.

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