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  1. In ABRP you can choose your preferred networks under "Network preferences". If you set Nissan to Prefer and one is near a charging stop, it should pick it over others.

  2. Oh, I am very adept at ARBP, these don’t exactly work out so easily though.

  3. Is the math usually pretty easy? Or will I need to do some trial and error to make sure I get it right? I don't have my L2 charger yet.

  4. Another quick mental calculation you might want to keep around.

  5. To answer this direct question: The math should be fairly Easy.

  6. Wading through literal thousands of garbage “pens” is not what OP asked about how to do.

  7. Why’s everyone downvoting your post ☹️ they don’t know how long you’ve been playing, you could be hardcore 3 year+ FTP with all mythics. That’s not impossible!!!

  8. Sorry to say, you paid $150 for them to look at your dash, see all the bars and say it’s 100% ok.

  9. I just made a new comment with lots of pics from today. Are those of any help? Thanks in advance!

  10. You have a pic that says 3 cells are weak. Your video already showed enough to know something is broke. Take that video and the weak cells to the dealer. Tell them call Nissan corporate - be firm - tell them you expect the battery replaced under warranty before the cells burst and catch fire. Repeat it as necessary. Ask whomever you speak with - are you the person that can make this happen? Ask them to get that person. Repeat.

  11. Why do you want op to damage their own door?

  12. Just wait a little bit, it will come in time.

  13. Nothing special... tasted like a generic black tea with a slight funk and weird mouthfeel, likely from the mushroom powder.

  14. Throw some salt and onions in. A few carrots. Some celery. You got a good soup.

  15. A doctor who treats mainly children is a pediatrician. They practice pediatrics. Pediatrix sounds the same when the ix makes the same sound as ics (iks)

  16. And I have some sort of thing where I want to perform self flagellation on my face; we’re not, we’re not going to talk about that.

  17. Like Tesla? Maybe things have changed but I watched a shop who had a video on the YT; Tesla wanted $23k for a repair - a threaded nipple broke off the outside of the battery pack where coolant entered. They claimed it was non repairable and a new pack was needed. The mechanic was like let me think. He bored it out, threaded the hole with a screw tap, put a double male threaded nipple in, and smeared some JB weld around it to make sure it never unscrewed.

  18. The "clunk" from the EVSE you hear is it engaging its main contactor (a big relay) to enable the power.

  19. This is a serious question, My work doesn't have a kettle and I am often traveling. I have 2 options to get hot water: the dreaded microwave, or the water dispenser. Water comes out scalding so I often fill up the cup about 3/4 with hot water, then after its had a chance to steep, I add a 1/4 of cool water to start drinking it.

  20. For your mint tea, 212 F for 3-5 minutes is the recommendation; However if the tea comes out how you like then go with it. You don’t need internet strangers telling you if your tea tasted ok.

  21. Thats good, and I agree with your postscript! The tea tastes good, thank you!

  22. What’s so good about these? Seems to be a favorite of sorts. I think I’ll get one, just curious about the hype.

  23. Watch YouTube videos about it. Capable of doing all the tasks. Takes all the abuse. Never stops. It’s a classic for all the reasons.

  24. You just proved you were lying. If you came to a full stop, you wouldn't be in the intersecton.

  25. I literally just said. I was at a full stop, then I proceeded. Wtf is wrong with you. Learn to read.

  26. 6.022x1023 eggs to be exact

  27. Many people drink sweetened Lipton tea, iced, often with a wedge of lemon. Ie: U.S. Southern sweet tea. Many drink half and half / an “Arnold Palmer” = half iced tea, half lemonade.

  28. Brake is not necessary to switch to neutral, only for staying stopped. You can go into neutral from park, or even while driving / moving at any speed. Just hold it left until it switches. Also of note if you accidentally bump it into reverse while you are moving (more than a crawl) it will go into neutral.

  29. Just die and spend the next 5 minutes blaming your team for your death.

  30. Remember not to leave the game and tell them lots of times so they will learn and won't be the reason you die every game!

  31. My friend, i never brewed the cup of tea. THE TEA BAGS WERE PUT INSIDE OF THE PLASTIC BOTTLE OF DEW AND LEFT IN A ROOM TEMPERATURE LOCKER FOR A DAY. the tea police can't stop me

  32. And here I thought you were gonna swing at them with I never brewed tea I steep it!

  33. The third one, we found on the side of the road. Alrighty, now that we've shuffled them, on "go" we each take a sip.

  34. Excussssse me ssssssir, I am looking for a poop knife.

  35. I usually leave mine where it is, but I suppose if you must travel, then so be it.

  36. Probably mold, but could also be rust from the nails. It is centered around the nail holes.

  37. The nails pierce and break the wood fibers. The separation in the wood fibers allows more liquid / moisture to stay. Since they have not been drying the tray properly the moisture has cause moisture damage and also allowed some mildew and mold to grow. The nails might also be rusty at this point, but that's also an effect of the long exposure to moisture and not a cause in itself.

  38. At the cost of a constantly on dash light, for the missing passenger airbag, and seat sensor. Not sure, but it might even disable the entire airbag system if it can't verify all are present. My passenger seat person detector failed, and there was no official repair option other then a whole new seat, for thousands of dollars. I bought a Nissan delete box from some racer types in Ireland, for about $100. Only problem is that I have to clip the passenger side seatbelt all the time, since it reads as "occupied"

  39. Funny enough I saw this in the context of terrible ideas; however I can see if you actually have no seat, it would be useful. {chuckle}

  40. Your answer to better charging access is use gas.

  41. Use the appropriate technology for the application. 0-250 miles drive an EV. If you’re driving 600 miles, rent a gas car.

  42. My comment was to exemplify why we need fast charging and not "just a lot of L2"; because L2 takes 10 hours to charge.

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