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  1. I can’t stand tight clothing around my crotch area it make me so irrationally angry and frustrated

  2. What helps me is by sending pics where they have to send a gift to open

  3. Looks real to me, I have a similar piece and it’s exactly the same texture and color, I bought it from a reputable dealer about 1 year ago. Definitely not cheap!

  4. I thought that was lettuce piece 😅 i want one now

  5. I’m so sorry, I wish there was more done for you. I’m glad that you are able to finally feel at peace. Passing on may not be a bad thing, though certainly scary because of the unknown. For all we know, we are just in a waiting room right now preparing for our spiritual journey after death. Some are ready sooner than others. You have accomplished so much in life, you’ve learnt so many lessons, and because you have, I just know that something better is waiting for you in the spiritual realm. I hope you find your dad🤍

  6. me too I feel like I wasted my whole childhood trying to keep them happy for nothing

  7. Yes! It affects my whole life. I’m constantly stressed that I’m gonna miss work or be late or something. I even can’t stop dreaming about work, it’s taken over my life.

  8. Any digestive issues or eyesight/hearing issues? Were you raised by someone other than your mother?

  9. Some stomach issues.. I haven’t gotten anything diagnosed but I assume these are digestive issues. I do have hearing issues sometimes, not so much eyesight. I was raised mainly by my grandma, went back and forth between my mom and my grandparents!

  10. citrine, but try and find one called a kundalini citrine, it's a little bit pricier but i find it great for prosperity. Also pyrite is another great one to add to your collection

  11. Thank you! I haven’t even heard of those I’ll look into that :)

  12. That's the day before my girlfriend's birthday!

  13. Hey there, ive found this sellernon Etay and Moldsbite seems legit, can anyone please confirm this? I can see small bubbles in some pieces.

  14. I just bought one from that seller a few days ago and I’m so excited, but it looks bright green and someone said that colour means it’s fake so now I’m kinda nervous 😭

  15. i take 10mg a day and smoke everyday lol.. it’s different for everyone cus sometimes i get anxiety

  16. Me too, I also threw up on 2 of the later days of the first week. It’s normal and it goes away after the first few weeks or so (different for everyone). Nothing really helped or didn’t help for me, it would just happen during certain times. I tried to keep food in my system, usually something light like a salad since I wasn’t hungry. And weirdly enough distracting myself from if would help, like if I went to hang out with a friend and was having a good time it would go away.

  17. I’ve been on it for about a month and a half, also 10 mg. Very normal. I’m not sure if it goes away but I HOPE so. I’m not feeling nauseous anymore, and the fatigue has gotten better but only slightly but it has.

  18. Mine decreased for the first 2 weeks and then came back harder !

  19. Me too. My parents tell me about how smart I was playing the piano and reading Narnia when I was 3 or 4. Now I can’t even get myself to do homework because it’s too hard or too much effort.

  20. Kind of a boyfriend, in a way. As much as I love him and love being with him I feel like I maybe should have experienced things with other people before this. I didn’t start feeling like this though until he would tell me about his past and I would feel insecure and jealous thinking about it. I choose him over anything, but sometimes I think I’m too attached to him and he isn’t as much because he’s had experiences before. I hate thinking about it but it weighs on my mind a lot.

  21. I felt like this before Lexapro anyway, so I don’t really notice a difference here lol. I have noticed however that I’m always super tired and feel even lazier than I did before so I’m glad I’m not alone. But sometimes I’ll get random boosts of energy to complete a specific task that I didn’t have before starting it.

  22. Physically it makes me jittery, but when taken when I actually need a boost it doesn’t affect my anxiety. However, if I drink too much when I don’t really need it, it’s even caused panic attacks before.

  23. It’s been around a month I think. I take it around 7pm now yet I’m soooo sleepy throughout the days. When should I take it instead?

  24. interactions at risk for serotonin syndrome

  25. i’m not too worried about serotonin syndrome.. they didn’t take effect at all though

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