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  1. Just a warning, if you go to Joe's Inn in Bon Air their non-meat sauce is like chunks of tomatoes. I would not consider it a sauce as much as a toss in tomatoes. It's still very good.

  2. They have a very limited menu though. Not to say they arent good. Just like if you go with somebody who is a bit picky or into more basic italian fare(like chicken parm - no shame in that game its one of my fav dishes ever top 5 easy) they might struggle at Edos. My dad for instance is a bit picky and cant stand it, while my mother loves it. I tend to be able to eat anywhere as long as I can get something that didnt come from the ocean lol.

  3. It's not just being picky. If you grew up on like New York Italian food/restaurants this place will not have what you like. I ate there and I liked it, but it is not what I consider traditional Italian-American food (it might be "real" Italian food though!)

  4. My sister had to move with her spouse to a city she hated (and she is a real "Bloom where you are planted" kind of person but hated this city). They finally left and decided he would quit his job and they would move back to the city and friends they loved. They downsized and she got health insurance for the family until he found another job. Is it possible your spouse can quit and not move, and find another job?

  5. I’m sure there is a procedure for parents to challenge books and that should be followed. A librarian worth her salt will not tell parents what books their kid is checking out. This is all part of a wave of anti-intellectualism spearheaded by politicians with Ivy League degrees who would not normally even talk to the people who support them.

  6. To be a “highly qualified” teacher under (All)no children left behind, don’t you have to have a degree in the subject you teach?

  7. Haaaa! I never saw Tom Segura when he was heavier, and I totally misunderstood that the comment about him cracking up was referring to the Kool-Ade. Thanks!

  8. Get a Life Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert, a light read, not that awesome a book, but very sexy

  9. I went to Domoishi in Chesterfield and actually threw the food away. I ordered chicken ramen. The chicken was $3 extra and was 4 slices of chicken like you get in a frozen bag of chicken breast- stark white and spongy. The broth was yellowish white, I don’t know if it had milk in it or they boiled the “ramen” in it, but I couldn’t tell you what flavor it was and it smelled gross. The ramen was actually spaghetti. It all smelled and tasted horrible. I didn’t return it because I think that’s what it was supposed to be like. I hate saying bad things about a restaurant trying to make it today, but their ramen was made with spaghetti!

  10. I was talking to another teacher. A sixth grade boy interrupts our conversation to tell us his opinion. He was supposed to be working. I told him that I was having an adult conversation and he should be working. The mother called me that night to tell me he cried all afternoon. That she raised him mainly talking to adults and he should have been able to be part of the conversation. I decided a long time ago that I don't wrestle with parents like this- so i apologized. This is part of the problem today, besides parents who aren't involved- there are no boundaries for children and they can never, ever feel bad- even when they're in the wrong. So you can't really correct the kids who are making your lives hell- it's like this is just the way the child is- accept it.

  11. Though I understand your reasoning, I believe you reinforced the negative parent behavior by apologizing and accepting it. A student cannot just take part in any teacher conversation they wish. You might be discussing another students IEP or discussing other issues that they just cannot be a part of or have no reason to be. The child is not learning good social skills. It is not your fault he took a simple redirect that way. It is the parents fault for modeling or teaching that behavior. They should be aware of the harm it would do. As an adult, you would still not just demand to be part of a conversation that does not involve you. The parent needs to be told that is not normal social behavior and that crying over it all day is also not the norm either. Then you could perhaps refer them to the counselor, intervention specialist, or whatever you have available as a resource.

  12. You are totally right, but I had reached a point where I couldn’t take disagreeing with people who would just make my life harder. But you are right.

  13. My friend told be it's called compassion fatigue. It's tiring because things don't seem to get better, only worse, and you're supposed to continue to deal with the kids who gets tattoos instead of coming to school with compassion.

  14. Don’t do elementary unless you feel like it is a calling. Elementary librarians are worked like dogs. Middle and high school are great, middle is more fun if you are really into talking about books because they read more (my experience). Being a librarian is so much better than being a classroom teacher- no grades and if they act up and you’re not elementary, kick them out. Also, almost no parents yelling at you. I loved the subject I taught and I did find being a librarian a little boring compared to being a teacher. The library is the bar of the school and many teachers come in and tell you their problems/frustrations/gossip, which is fun! However, it can be lonely if you’re alone in the library and because you’re not really part of a team. But becoming a librarian will probably add years to your life over being a classroom teacher.

  15. I am not offended by everything, but he put the attention on himself when it should have been on the winner. It was a big deal for her. Just like Kanye and Taylor Swift.

  16. I love Colin Quinn. That man is not handsome like Colin Quinn. Sam needs to work on his long, blabbering background intros before asking a question. When you have a guest it’s not about you.

  17. Let's preface if with a "For now". Youngkin is already edging with a 15 week abortion ban idea. Im sure OP is aware but VA is purple at best. People are probably more open than those in Texas for sure. Helps that we don't have to deal with issues like border protection but historically VA has been kind to immigrants.

  18. This position must cause conflict in republicans. Because while they hate gay people, they are supposedly the party of strong economics. Sick people are not good for the economy (just like married people are more economically stable so it makes no sense they're against gay marriage). It must be difficult for they to decide between not doing things detrimental to the economy vs. hating gay people.

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