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  1. I'm just trying to figure out how a fulfilling family life and a stable job could be considered losing.

  2. Don't agree with him saying they're losers but I do agree with his sentiment of at least trying. You should hedge yourself with a guaranteed way of generating income and generally a college degree is your best bet, but from what i've seen destiny just shuts down all other form of entrepreneurial avenues.

  3. I don't get the false dichotomy. Most business owners have college degrees. 98% of CEOs have degrees. If your parents can send you to college and you're a decent student, it's almost strictly better for you to go with the exception of the 4 year opportunity cost. So sure, if you really wanna become a millionaire at age 22, college isn't a good move.

  4. I do not disagree, IF your goal is wealth you should hedge your future income with a college degree, I think dropping out or foregoing college is too risky.

  5. This is the only point I've been making.

  6. But if you align almost totally with left-wing politics, what makes you a centrist? I think equating pragmatic policies with centrism doesn’t make sense cause the word centrism implies to me that you pull policies from the left and the right, but that isn’t necessarily pragmatic, that is it’s own dogma of trying to be balanced and refusing to follow the evidence, even if it fully pushes you to one side politically.

  7. Because every election the key issue you care could be on the left or for each election you prefer the left solutions. I guess to your point you could say you lean left, but even then it subjugates someone to one side. Which I personally believe has that general pull of then becoming more partisan and getting entrapped into dumb culture war stuff.

  8. I think people equate centrism with being right-leaning because centrists very rarely say "oh hey, I agree with the left here," it's almost always "I'm a centrist, the left is crazy, so I agree with the right here," and if they always do that, they're just right-wing at that point.

  9. So that goes back into my original point where I said that label is ruined by right wingers misusing it.

  10. That's the whole point though... You can be interested in sex without feeling that it's worth it to actively pursue it, be it due to having more important areas of interests in your life that there is no space for dating in it, or even that they deem the hurdles they'd have to overcome (looks, height, income...) are too high for it to be worth it: that goes back directly to your cost/benefit point, you just somehow don't want to believe people's personal experiences on the matter, and would rather view it as a sexual orientation rather than simply an attitude towards the dating scene.

  11. So you're just describing incels without hate? or people who have given up aka MGTOW? Yes if you desire sex but are unable to attain it you are not an asexual you are an incel. Yes if you forego women because you are too focused on something else (btw this is a massive cope and only applies for 1% of ppl) you are not asexual.

  12. You're throwing around so many buzzwords that it's difficult for me to think you're trying to look at this in good faith, it's more like you're trying to psychoanalyze without knowing anything about the person you're talking to/about.

  13. Part of me wonders if these guys had these same views a year ago or if they've just been brainwashed by alpha male propaganda

  14. Bro why does someone who dislikes H3H3 automatically "alpha male propagandist" you know you can be normal and not like him? You know you can agree with all of his political opinions and still not like him or the show???

  15. Not trying to troll - I’m still wrapping my hands around the many genders society calls for now.

  16. It's just some feel good bs, the younger generation is obsessed with it especially girls. When i'm looking to smash hot progressive chicks I just say im non binary and give some cookie cutter explanation, just play the game who cares.

  17. I was looking for OPs genuine opinion. Typically when I bring this up the response is “you’ve been permanently banned from U/***”. People rather raise hell than help us non edgy types understand how things work in this new world.

  18. His explanation is bs as is most "woke" stuff the need for actual "wokeness" has long passed now there is overflowing of shitty feel good ideas which make little sense and are very cringe. I present masculine, act masculine, am indistinguishable from a man and can still get away with saying im non binary LMAO how does that give any credence to this gender stuff when there are no boundaries or barriers to entry. You can feel 99% male and 1% other and you would qualify as non binary LMAO, and the best part is no one can say anything because then their seen as a bigot LMAO.

  19. Everytime i've asked to split the bill on the first date is when i don't have any intention on seeing the girl again and its like a hail mary to recover some of the money lost lmao

  20. Copied from an earlier comment I made.

  21. Every time other leftie communities talk about Destiny, they make him out to be more right-wing LMAO

  22. It's not about his positions nor he's ideals, it's all about labelling and writing off. You can take an exasperated exhale when you realise you can just dismiss someone because he's in the evil camp (right wing), and don't have to engage with what they're saying. I experienced this first hand when I was more right leaning and a leftist would make a very good rebuttal, I would slightly panic and look for any reason to dismiss the rebuttal "oh he's a _".

  23. Im sure you can think of reasons its pretty intuitive

  24. Regarding the broader point it's each to their own. Have heard of people cutting ties from the family due to ostensibly political views, and I cringe a little ngl. Personally I've been blessed with great parents who have sacrificed so much for me, for me to cut them off after that for a different political view speaks more poorly of me rather than them imo.

  25. My grandma told me its not body shaming if its true

  26. So we're allowed to body shame people if what we are saying is true? C'mon now I could point out a few examples where you wouldn't be so laissez faire.

  27. God damn destiney simps cant help themselves. Perpetual debate perverts

  28. Doesn't it concern you that i've essentially been given a free pass to body shame Ethan now, according to one of the replies from my original comment?

  29. I agree some of the socialist/far left expect less from minorities. I don't know how racist I would consider it but I think we can agree most real racist people are right wing. You'd be lying to your self if you truly believe Dems are the real racists.

  30. I would rather be hated for my ethnicity than be thought of as lesser/weaker/dumber for my ethnicity

  31. When someone hates you for your ethnicity it’s because they think you’re lesser

  32. Then you are making a good argument for saying many leftists are racists, which I would agree but for different reasons.

  33. Bruh his hero was banned show some god damn compassion..

  34. He's bad enough as he is when people lie and misrepresent him I cringe.

  35. Because that's what he's doing? I don't know about about the accusations to know whether he gave clear and hard evidence and refuted/dismissed them.

  36. If I watched 20 mins of the Bob7 Manifesto and my walkaway was "it's just destiny trying to dismiss the accusations" is that an accurate framing of the video. Both the Tate video and the destiny video don't try and dismiss them they successfully shut them down, dismiss carries a negative connotation akin to saying he's guilty but trying to hand wave them off.

  37. the australian aspect and the lifestyle aspect are intended as seperate points, lol

  38. It probably does depend on demographics but during uni I worked in night life and I didn't see anything too different from how the night life is described in America, I will say I think we are way less extreme then those miami girls on the fnf podcast, but there probably is a space in Australia where those types of people exist, maybe Bondi?

  39. totally agree when it comes to nightlife, the miami girls did conjure up images of the club rats on chapel street, so we do have a lot of parallels in that regard.

  40. I want to but the idea that all funds are pointless kind of shatters my worldview lol. Like the idea that all these well educated fund managers basically just scam people.

  41. They're not scamming people bro its just hard, and the guys comment is wrong there are successful investors and traders.

  42. I quadrupled and doubled my money on memestocks. Given bubble theory and looking at momentum, I think you can profit off of these bubbles.

  43. You're not gonna get a serious objective answer here pertaining to your investments. Imo leaving money with a fund is a toss up, its not much of an edge unless the fund has historical returns of substantial alpha each year, I can only really think of Renaissance who can do this, even funds such as Bill Ackman's have losing years, no one knows really plus you have zero control depending on your investment expertise this could be good or bad.

  44. You're insulting your own complexity of comprehension and thought if that is what your takeaway is from my comment.

  45. "child going hungry for several days, telling the child going hungry for one day"

  46. Nope, but I know better than to project my experiences onto that of ALL women. It’s almost like we have varied lives and are human beings or something.

  47. I am pretty confident in sticking with my original assertion that on average women approach men less and thereby face rejection less than men in a dating framework.

  48. Probably less, but still not as incredibly rarely as people on here make it seem.

  49. I'd say 5-10% is fair, a couple surveys I quickly searched up coincided with those figures, probably there is some variance across different groups however largely men and women prefer the dynamic of men approaching first.

  50. Feels fake and/or like a lot of fluff added in, but anecdotally, my 2 younger brothers (16 and 22) have both started to idolize Andrew Tate. Nothing I say gets through, and I wind up coming across as soy/cringe. It's a real problem that's hard to tackle.

  51. Young men want a lifestyle like Andrew Tate has, so you have to have someone who has his lifestyle pushing back to get through.

  52. Women dating up is a fact. I grew up around sisters and female cousins, how they talk about men pretty much aligns with the RP's views of hypergamy

  53. Google starvation mode. Dramatic caloric deficit can hinder weight loss due to it and would be better taking gradual decreases to caloric intake.

  54. "starvation mode" is just a drop in calorie expenditure, typically through reduction in NEAT, also water is held onto more. No such thing as storing food as fat over energy, the process is always replenishing glycogen stores first.

  55. I recall something about storing fat in fear of further starvation. I could be wrong, I'll see if I can find it.

  56. Starvation mode is a broscience term, the process that occurs when people reference "starvation mode" is not typically seen until you are extremely low body fat percentage and malnourished (think Christian Bale Machinist).

  57. This misses the point of why women can easily believe in the patriarchy in the first place. Don't get me wrong, I agree with "There is an empathy gap for men", "Men's issues are dismissed and not taken seriously, particularly by a lot of women", all the rest of that, but the correct response is to try to understand both sides in as much depth as you can, not just to declare a winner in the oppression olympics. Women don't know what it's like to be men and don't have much compunction about that, true.

  58. "A background radiation of sexual threat"

  59. Regardless if it's fake look at all the comments and replies.

  60. I genuinely do not understand this trend of going onto twoxchromosomes or that sub, knowing that it's going to be bottom of the barrel shit and everyone on

  61. I was scrolling all and this was trending I did not go searching for it and nor does it mean that a discussion regarding it on this sub is disallowed, if you don't care for it just scroll past it. However I did care for it and wanted to get the subs opinion on it, the comments are overwhelmingly myopic and dismissive towards OP's boyfriend's view, regardless if a few comments are rational and well meaning.

  62. He's a misogynist and he's testing the waters with you. Ask how I know.

  63. Really those comments make him a minsogynst? There is women that agree with his comment, seems a little harsh no?

  64. I think it's also frustrating b/c some will see statistics about women in the head of household role (i.e., with the top income in the home), women getting degrees, women being single parents, women being teachers, etc.

  65. What would you need to see change and to what degree, to say that we are no longer living in a patriarchy.

  66. Yeah I suppose I just wish there were more online spaces that accommodate those things. What with women being a minority in most online spaces, most interest centered spaces I find are ones where I encounter the issue of people only viewing me as a potential partner (be it romantically or sexually). I also have heard this is a phenomenon that happens to women online quite a bit so I guess I'm not alone.

  67. Search female only events, there is lots of female only groups in my local area and im sure there will be in your area too.

  68. I'm not sure and again - my issue isn't that I want women only spaces. I'd rather meet people through shared interests. Issue is many of those are interests that have people interested in them be more online

  69. I understand the situation you're presenting is like this example.

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