1. I think you'd be in the minority, people are beginning to realize it's the only way to make reactions and similar abilities work the way they do in tabletop

  2. This isn't tabletop. It's an adaptation and I'd rather it be the best experience on pc than the most like tabletop

  3. And having to choose your reactions before the conditions satisfy and potentially miss out on them is not the best experience

  4. The real thing you are missing put on is smiting crits. I'd rather have less pop ups

  5. Cause, well, this is a much more interesting way of ruling for inebriation isn’t it?

  6. They’re…. not? How do you think video games used to work, before the bane that is DLC and micro transactions?

  7. I never said you couldn't that doesn't mean pre-ordering isn't bad or that paying to be a beta tester isn't bad both of those are bad and there a better way to support things you like buying merch or we're the beta not behind a paywall spreading the word and reporting bugs

  8. I think Keaton and Affleck are the DCU’s Batmen currently because the flash ending where Keaton becomes the main Batman wasn’t deleted, it still happens

  9. It’s not a matter of action economy, it’s a matter of how many spongebobs can be within attacking range of goku for long enough to land an attack before being vaporized. 30 billion is a lot but idk

  10. Watch the death battle for SpongeBob vs aquaman. This is beyond spite. SpongeBob solos

  11. 98? I remember Windows 95 and accidentally deleting the My computer icon, good times

  12. Back when the os came on many floppy disks like God intended

  13. Floppy? Those disks weren't floppy they were thich, small, and rigid. Back in my day disks were 5.5", thin, and actually floppy dagnabbit!

  14. Hopefully it won't, because A LOT of people (me included) absolutely hate the idea of a locked party after Act 1.

  15. No, they're saying that people who can fight usually don't feel the need to work so hard to convince everyone that they're tough that they come off sounding like scared little posturing bitches.

  16. Mike tyson is one of the greatest fighters of all time. Talked an enormous amount of shit and still does. Like when he brings up mayweather for no reason. Shaq IA one of the greatest basketball players of all time brags all the time. I get that we want to praise humility. But pleanty of incredibly successful people are not humble at all

  17. Every time someone talked about how good Hawkman and Doctor Fate looked in Black Adam you made sure to respond and say that you wanted them to be loud and silly right? Cause both those characters used to have trunks and don’t now.

  18. I have no awareness of any of those characters havent seen black Adam and haven't seen those posts but tag me and I'll post about it

  19. I mean I know black Adam is a Shazam villain. But I've not read any comics with him in it.

  20. Batman is toxic. I personally would rather him be single until he can fix himself

  21. Well, T’Challa still has his Kinetic Blasts that floored even Cull Obsidian and Blonsky did show that Super Soldiers “can” keep up with Hulk, at least in Incredible Hulk and Daredevel showed us that they “should” be able to keep up with her as she shouldn’t scale fully to Hulk as he wasn’t seriously fighting her. I think Round 2 should given them a significant fighting chance.

  22. Daredevil evaded her. He didn't keep up. Any attempt to close the distance and fight her would have resulted in him getting knocked out

  23. You’re nitpicking. My point being, she had trouble tagging him while obviously using effort to do so and he’s not even a Super Soldier. People have been “wanking” her being a “Hulk” and ignoring her actual feats.

  24. My point is if she's trying to kill them thats just gonna slow down the inevitable. She will eventually catch them ans kill them. Daredevil poses no threat to her. Also he clearly had super agility in she hulk.

  25. I don't think the parademons would pose much of a threat since Batman practically soloed them in ZSJL while the team was dealing with Steppenwolf.

  26. Unlimited ammo would imply an infinitely durable gun. The whole point is he has the equipment he needs.

  27. I mean just one infinite durability gun with infinite ammo isn't going to get him far. He still needs food and water. And civil war era water is probably not going to go well with his stomach either.

  28. I'm pretty sure we train spec ops to go places without modern sanitation.

  29. It's a downtime activity in the DMG and XgtE if they get some time between adventures.

  30. If the DM doesn't let you spend gold at all, when you ask to try to spend it in a certain way, then maybe it's not the campaign for you.

  31. You are under no obligation to let the party buy magic items. It's the dms world. Maybe magic items are super rare. As many in this thread have said there are lots of ways to spend gold that aren't magic items

  32. Yeah, they're closer to 70 than 65 at this point!

  33. My parents were in high-school and my kids saw rise of Skywalker in theaters

  34. Pregnancies happen... by knowing your daughter bought a vibrator.. and not confronting her about it... ... ...?

  35. I'm sorry, don't explicitly understand to what point you are referring; which point was harmful 20 yrs ago?

  36. Parents acting like having a vibrator ment you would get pregnant

  37. I think Joker should be used sparingly. He could be mentioned a few times as someone everyone fears. An offscreen prescence who strikes fear and intrigue into the hearts of the audience without ever saying a single word. Like how Grant Morrison wrote him. Instead of trying to one-up Alan Moore by making Joker even more depraved and evil, he should be a presence that inspires fear just by sitting back and relaxing in Arkham.

  38. I prefer Joker when he seems like a world class stand up comedian and a homicidal maniac the next. Like Bill Bur. Actually he might make a pretty good Joker tbh.

  39. Catholic priests and dropping loads on their congregation, name a more iconic duo.

  40. You got this! There's no shame if you both decide now isn't the right time, but you are posting this question on a Dad subreddit so I'm going to assume you are leaning towards yes :) Becoming a Dad was the best thing that happened to me so I'm going to recommend it every time. Nothing beats having my baby girl fall asleep on my chest.

  41. Depending on income she may qualify for Medicaid. If she does apply

  42. What part of the country? They were not paying that well in Ohio. Qere you in a union

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