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  1. Is CDC a dick or an asshole? That's the question I want answered.

  2. Worldwide group. Late in the US is early in other parts of the world

  3. I'm currently waiting on some cosmos. 3 hours for me. Good luck ser

  4. Can someone tell me in order to qualify for the specific cards do you just stake your CRO through Earn or do you have to stake it through the card application some how?

  5. On the app it has a card section. Do not stake through earn! You won't get the card and your CRO will be locked up for however long the earn period you choose.

  6. I was new to crypto in Dec 2020… all I saw was shilling of XRP, ADA and other BS projects. Had I bought AVAX, MATIC, SOL or LUNA I wouldve been retired by now. Most youtubers are FULL OF SHIT.

  7. Let's find the next ones to retire on

  8. Staking a small bag in Earn waiting for it to do something

  9. Fool me once with VVS moles NFT...

  10. I’ma tiny Lil whale but I’ll but I’ll grow lol

  11. Grower not a shower. This is the way

  12. Actually, I have done a vast amount of time exploring the benefits of the CRO utility and have listened to the developers notes and conversations circulating on multiple platforms, regarding the utility.

  13. But until it goes to $5-10 in 3 years, we just have to trust that you did your homework. I hope that you're right

  14. *NFA I took the gamble and went lump sum for ruby around the ATH. I am glad that I did it because I'm earning CRO on purchases I would have made with a debit card regardless. I see it as free money and my CRO isn't losing any real value until I decide to sell. I see no downside personally to stake for a card unless you can't afford it. DCA into flexible earn @2% is a way to slowly build your bag while minimizing risk as well.

  15. Step 1: don't take advice from strangers on reddit.

  16. I'm staking everything. Soon as staking periods expire, re staking with all rewards, piling on the bag as much as I can. Want to be able to replace my current income with staking rewards. Slow and steady wins the race.

  17. This is the way. I just need my wife to fully comprehend it now.

  18. Does cashback apply for crypto purchases?

  19. It does not apply to crypto purchases

  20. Yea man same here. To those who plan accordingly. Which most of us should be since we now have some type of heads up. I was buying cro each check. For this month I have stopped but I'm still putting that money aside. Once we get those ugly low dips that's when I'll buy more

  21. Usdc flexible in earn. 6% while we wait for the dip isn't bad

  22. This question is asked multiple times a week. Can we get an FAQ post pinned to the top of feed?

  23. I don't think that it will pump enough to matter. Best case is a few cents. Hardly could be considered a pump

  24. Hmm, but the 30-sec ad would be seen by millions. In the following week there should be at least 15-20% ^ .

  25. Looking at the market as a whole and the looming Fed interest rate hike, I don't see it doing much. As others have said for weeks, that ad isn't likely to cause the masses to finally embrace crypto. I hope I'm wrong

  26. needs more typos and bad grammar

  27. ETH, waiting for it to drop between 3_3300 aud to buy a couple coins

  28. How much is that in freedom units?

  29. I have Yokaiswap as well. It is way better than this crap VVS & it's ilk. It has performed well thus far and my expectation is that it could go up to $10 very soon with a lot of launches in the pipeline. Think we shouldn't be comparing apples to tomatoes here lol

  30. I would literally shit my pants if it reached $10

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