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  1. You can try to reach out to my son. He is at NYU Steinhart, taking Music Technology it’s the best school in the country for this. Here is his Instagram from his band Funhouse.mirrors, he does all his own miking.

  2. How corrupt, private equity billionaires get their loophole

  3. He was looking for the treasure of oak island

  4. We too are also working on tax returns but the masters is very exciting

  5. A new song and video from the 4 young music geniuses. Every song is a new adventure, with odd time signatures.

  6. It’s not as simple as that. Someone literally just posted something like this. Those A-10s won’t do Jack if there’s no one capable of flying them. Or if they don’t have the right supplied and techs to work on them.

  7. I know 10 pilots and mechanic which would be on the way tomorrow

  8. 419 Will be great, you won’t be too close but you won’t be that far away. You will have a great concert

  9. Seriously check out Funhouse Mirrors, north Jersey band they play the riffs right not like these guys

  10. Check out Funhouse Mirrors Band, they are influenced by Tool

  11. If it’s all over then what’s all over. Give us the final answer

  12. I’ve been watching it, I think it’s another oak island that keeps taking you down the rabbit hole and never comes up with an answer

  13. Fool me once, shame on... shame on you. Fool me—you can't get fooled again.

  14. We won’t be fooled again, The Who

  15. It’s great to look at the past, but we have to look to the future. If not rock will die. Here is a band that is writing great Prog Rock, Punk Rock, Rock. Check them out, they are college students. Funhouse.Mirrors on Instagram. By the way David is great.

  16. If you check out Funhouse Mirrors Band, they are a group of Teenagers writing rock music. Check out this song, tell me what you think

  17. Young Prog Rock band in New Jersey writing and performing all the music. Check them out. Follow on Instagram funhouse.mirrors

  18. Hi Steve, check out this new band Funhouse Mirrors ProgRock these kids love you. They are all coming to see you in NYC. Here is their new music video on YouTube Melting Mannikins

  19. Has anybody been watching Dot to Dot and their analysis of the La Formula map

  20. Is that your tactic? Argue something absurd, and when the other person points out the absurdity, you just claim victory?

  21. No tactic, it’s either fact or not

  22. Lmao.. I've been trolling you hard on this thread.

  23. I guess we don’t have a bet, good night

  24. Ivermectin won Noble Prize for human infection 2015, check it out

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