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  1. Be sure to post on Nextdoor and the neighborhood Facebook groups too, they have very active communities that will keep an eye out for your friend’s kitty. Lots of luck <3

  2. “Between 2003 and 2007 Virginia Thomas, a longtime conservative activist, earned $689,589 from the Heritage Foundation according to a Common Cause review of the foundation’s IRS records. Thomas failed to note the income in his Supreme Court financial disclosure forms for those years, instead checking a box labeled “none” where spousal noninvestment income would be disclosed.”

  3. Funny how isolated these things aren't super abnormal/worth considering an issue, but given everything else we know about them it's absolutely a big fucking deal

  4. I mean, I do raise an eyebrow when someone has random flame throwers lying around…

  5. That is an excellent name for a ginger boy!

  6. These both sound like Lotr names...

  7. They’re both Game of Thrones names :)

  8. He’s 15lb. Responds to Thomas. He escaped two days ago in the tangle town neighborhood.

  9. I moved to another part of the city after I bought a house. And no, I’ve lived in the city of Seattle for 20 years and I don’t work in tech.

  10. I have lived in the puget sound since the mid 1970s. The Tech companies that moved in the Seattle/Redmond region also are often have 6 figure incomes. Many are H1B1 immigrants earn these incomes. I can only suspect you made be from asia. Do you provide language content to the software company for another language?

  11. Lol, I suspect you may have smoked a bad batch, my friend. You may want to chill out with the commenting until it wears off :)

  12. I went in 2019(went to The Waterside Inn on the same trip) and it was definitely worth it then. We did lunch at The Waterside and dinner at The Fat Duck. It was a hell of a day.

  13. That’s basically my dream day!

  14. Fifth Floor in San Francisco. My husband and I had just started dating and we were on a 3 day weekend trip to SF. It was fantastic. We went in fall and I had venison for the first time, which was my favorite part of the meal (it’s still one of my favorite foods). I also recall getting a little too tipsy with the wine pairings :) 10/10 experience

  15. The fact that hoodie says "STAFF" on the back is really the icing on the racist cake.

  16. Oh God, I missed that lovely detail. What a garbage human being. Also, who on earth sells trash like that?

  17. Lol, that’s where I saw it this morning!!

  18. FYI, in the future you can use the built in crosspost function And it will link it so folks can see the original attribution

  19. This has been on my dining bucket list forever! Your description and pics just make me more excited to go (plus I’m a sucker for a good cheese cart). Thanks for posting!

  20. Highly recommend Dinner by Heston Blumenthal. It’s a modern take on classic British cuisine, and I’ve always had a fantastic meal there (definitely get the meat fruit!). Your partner should be able to find something she likes on the menu without a problem. Good luck!

  21. I found Dinner underwhelming and overpriced tbh. One of my least fav Michelin starred meals in London. Bread was hard and almost burnt. Main was good and tipsy cake was very good but no wow factor. Meat fruit was just a glorified liver parfait. There's way better 2* out there e.g. Da Terra, Core and The Ledbury.

  22. Oh those are definitely fantastic (I didn’t realize the Ledbury reopened! Yay!!), I was just trying to think of a non-tasting menu restaurant that wouldn’t be too “challenging” for someone who won’t eat seafood, medium rare meat, truffles/mushrooms, etc.

  23. He basically said So what, the wildfire near Salmon, Idaho is much worse.

  24. You sure don't beat around the bush. Your post history is short and right to the (racist) point. Get lost dude

  25. Good lord, you’re not kidding! Unsurprising he lives in the middle of nowhere, Idaho.

  26. surely there should be some examples of non-high profile offender success stories then

  27. What do you mean with regards to success?

  28. should we not judge the success of a policy or facility based on their outcomes?

  29. Oh of course, just not clear what you’re defining as “success.” Do you mean future restoration of competency/return for prosecution?

  30. Are you fucking dense or just an asshole? People with all sorts of conditions find smoke like this to be very harmful if not borderline life threatening. And before you say "yeah like who?" in what i am sure is a very stupid voice... my father... my father that died of a fucking lung condition after never smoking a day in his life. Take your ignorant bullshit elsewhere

  31. I can’t imagine this is anything other than painfully cringeworthy trolling. Just give them their downvote and forget about them.

  32. The funny thing is, a week from now, we will be back to having good quality air again and those other shitholes (yes, Wuhan and Lahore are shitholes) will still be back to being the worst in the world.

  33. Yeah, living with a daily air quality anywhere near this would be brutal. Ugh.

  34. The first major Chinese city (Wuhan) clocks in at #10. Lahore, Pakistan is #2.

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