1. What? A non vaccinated, vegan, free birth baby has delays?! How is that possible?!

  2. I don’t know how common this is, but I was given a questionnaire for PPD at every pediatrician’s appointment for my baby’s first year of life. I really hope they catch it quickly if this is what’s happening here.

  3. I’m a pediatric medical assistant, at my office from 1 month to 12 months, all moms have to fill out a depression screening so I think it might be pretty standard!

  4. So I was a vet tech for years lol I worked ER veterinary medicine and literally saved dogs lives. Do you wanna know how many of those dogs I told were ugly in those 3.5 years ? Lol but guess all the hard work I did to better those dogs quality of life, all the compassion and love and saving their lives doesn’t count because I called them ugly lol

  5. I get and know this feeling but I know where “home” is and for me, it’s Scotland. I wasn’t born there, nor raised but my soul longs for it.

  6. It’s giving penguin vibes from Batman. The romper and her nose 👃🏻

  7. I was the maid of honor in a wedding last weekend. Down the aisle to start the wedding we walked alone, but to end the ceremony, we walked with the groomsmen.

  8. If my husband ever comes home with a girly tattoo, I’m out. 😂 jk but I would flame him everyday. 😂

  9. Right 😂 both of Gabe’s tattoos are feminine as fuck lol

  10. He’s a racist asshole and borderline abusive. I can’t stand him

  11. I have diagnosed GAD and OCD and the amount of people who use these diagnoses for clout drive me insane.

  12. I soooo wanted to respond to sierras comment on drues video- the one where Sierra was thanking drue for being a good wife to her brother. I wanted to say “girl don’t lie, you and I both know she treats your brother like dirt” 🫣🫣🫣

  13. I’m a pediatric medical assistant. I had over 35 patients today. Druby was the absolute last thing on my mind lol

  14. Did he date anyone before her and was he pure like Drufus,,I hope he lived some before her,plus it would eat her up knowing someone else had some Lovey

  15. I think I remember that he had a relationship before Drew? I believe I saw that info on this sub

  16. I genuinely think she tries to keep him overweight for her benefit. Like she’s insecure when he’s that good looking and probably thinks nobody will find him attractive if he’s bigger

  17. 100% agree! She has to be the “hot” one in the relationship and turned Gabe into what he is now because she knows, he was well out of her league

  18. I’m one of those people who will ask the same question 100 times… even when I know the answer… it’s from a fear of screwing up. I’ve also seen an employee just NOT GET IT… so much so that they were reassigned to be a “clinical aid” aka, our front door screener who asks if anyone has Covid symptoms and makes sure everyone wears a mask indoors. Consider it a good thing they’re asking for help instead of assuming they know and messing everything up. Hopefully it’ll “click” for them soon.

  19. Well I can say that it got bad enough that I had to block her phone number to prevent her from blowing up my phone on my days off even after being told to do not bother me when I’m not in the office … and that the doctor/owner of the practice has gotten involved because she ignored a rapid test because she claimed she didn’t know how to do one. So it’s clearly not clicking for her

  20. After she got attacked and he hugged her while she cried and then realized she could hear again. Another scene I like is where Alex almost got blamed for peckwells attack and Meredith was like “I like you but I love Alex” to jo

  21. I literally had to stop and ask is that Gabe or Sierra 😳

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