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  1. 30 tabs? Those are rookie numbers.

  2. Its inside a private business my dude. That rule applies only to in the actual public off of private property. Dont pull that bullshit, its easy and free to not be a dick

  3. Judging by the reflection you can easily see what is in this picture from outside. If they were a few feet back, outside those doors, it would still be completely legal. You can not trespass the eyes.

  4. I think I am officially on the fuck the police train. Seems like when you scare all the good cops away you get this shit.

  5. "good cops" is a myth. When they take their oath it's to uphold all laws, even those that are unconstitutional, or even unjust. That makes every single cop a bastard.

  6. I just want to know this bitches name.

  7. New York drivers. Do you expect anything less?

  8. I'm the guy that loves putting those types of people in their place.

  9. If it was me (I don’t condone this) i would mark the address down and 6 months from now id probably slash 3 car tires some random night.

  10. I can't believe all of the replies and nobody said ninja rocks.

  11. The app has been getting worse and worse. It's at the point you have to force close it after a few rejected orders

  12. Good at manipulating, but I don’t need to lie. I like to live authentically. Some people can’t handle the truth and that’s not my problem 😎

  13. This right here is where I'm at, and just so fed up with people who lie about everything, especially stupid shit that there's no reason to lie about. It only makes me not believe them when it comes to serious shit.

  14. Back to the future easily.

  15. What has 4 legs in the morning, 2 in the afternoon. And 3 in the evening?

  16. A man who got cut in half sometime between morning and noon, but has a third leg when he gets home.

  17. I've got 98 up right now on my phone. Laptop? I can't remember.

  18. Is there a way to count on mobile after it turns to :D? I know I'm well over 300 lol

  19. I feel personally attacked with this.

  20. I really hate seeing these disaster porn videos of Kensington that people post for clicks.

  21. Wouldn't getting rid of narcan just help speed up Darwinism?

  22. So you’re going to drive to the restaurant, get ready to pick up the order, then unassign it because you are being asked to spend an extra 40 seconds filling up a few drinks? That seems like cutting off your nose to spite your face.

  23. Unassign? Nope. Contract support and get half pay for two minutes of time.

  24. Look back at who's first appearance was in 4.18, then look at the title. Kind of ironic lol

  25. “I lost my shoe” will never fail to make me laugh.

  26. You could tell it was extremely difficult for Jared to keep a straight face saying that line too.

  27. He was clearly not thinking the cook out see it, but rather you would ask/confirm when grabbing the food that it was made well done

  28. Considering we don't see those notes until a f t e r making it as picked up, that entire statement has been disproved.

  29. Been happening since September for me. For some reason I only get order is ready texts now. No new orders, no you're not heading towards the store texts, nada.

  30. I wish they gave Wayward Sisters and even Bloodlines a chance😂 Personally I wanted a spin-off about the Judah Initiative and/or the Men of Letters!

  31. Found the 0.01% of people who thought bloodlines was a good spin-off/concept.

  32. It pissed me off so much. Treating me like it's my fault that I accepted the order in the first place.

  33. I just had one like this Saturday. 45 minutes past pickup time, and a full hour since I had accepted it. I asked for additional compensation, and they gave me the basic canned response saying no.

  34. Light em up with those reviews

  35. Yo yo yo. Link the Google Maps page for this restaurant so we can all leave poor reviews too.

  36. Really? They have the store name and the city. Not that difficult to search sauced bbq & spirits Sacramento.

  37. So cops assaulted an innocent person without even confirming their identity beforehand?

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