1. Follow @wlurecreation. Hours are: Mon-Thursday - 6:00 am - 11:00pm

  2. It’s cause u didn’t drink their water 💁

  3. You can bring them to the security office/lost and found beside Veritas Café, if you want to be a good samaritan. 😉

  4. I can finally return that apple pen I found more than like 6 months ago and nobody claimed it.

  5. Might I also add in Hitesh Jagad, who's running for Ward 4 and has been a community leader with his business. He has continuously donated to the homeless population downtown, donated school supplies with the West Willow Neighbourhood group, and actively given back in many ways. A wonderful person that believes in community!

  6. Lmfaoooo good luck. It wasn’t working all summer either


  8. U could try getting a parking pass from the city of loo. I think there’s one down on Albert in uptown

  9. Yes. All residential should be 40 or less.

  10. I agree. But just posting a sign won’t do anything. We need to change the way street looks as well. Like maybe adding speed bumps or intentionally narrowing the lane or some kind of speed enforcement. Bike lanes as well in one direction as well could work here

  11. Check out 'Not just bikes' on YouTube. The presenter is from London, ON, btw.

  12. I watch him whenever he posts something new. I love that channel!

  13. Atm 6-10am, Saturday thru Wednesday

  14. U could drop res. Just don’t move in on moving day or any days for that matter. Do not sign the residence contract, otherwise u will be locked in for 8 months.

  15. I stepped on by accident then all my grades dropped to Ds and barely passed all my classes. Finished the semester with a 3.99 GPA.

  16. Like they’re other places. I just assume u wanted a one bedroom. But the other places are like $2k+ with 3 bedrooms which is a lot

  17. Yes and it was one of the most ridiculously hard classes I ever took during my undergrad. Also one of the very few classes I ever dropped. It was like math philosophy to me. Someone else might have a different take but it wasn’t for me personally and I wouldn’t recommend it.

  18. Okay then I won’t take it. Cause I got other stuff to worry about

  19. I had Bricker on the 6th floor. Wasn’t too bad but I was a on quiet floor. It is clean. And one of Laurier nicest residence apparently

  20. I was the 6th floor. Idk how each floor was.

  21. Not sure what positions will he available. But most clubs hire directors for certain positions. Make sure keep a look on their page and the @wluhiringpage on ig cause sometimes clubs will send their stuff there.

  22. So ur still gonna be charged for the room. However, the charge will only be collected once you sign the residence contract of living.

  23. So just don’t sign any agreement or give any further payment and I should be good?

  24. Yeah that was an option for me from Residence but I would advise to email them and just that ur circumstances have changed and that living on campus is no longer possible. You would like to give ur someone on the waitlist and you are absolutely certain in your decision.

  25. The flight radar app said that was Flair Airlines. From Vegas to Toronto. And it’s approx flight path went over Guelph so it could be that

  26. She’s just fangirling over Carter the Mafia Boss


  28. Same thing as the other person said. You won’t get it back cause they said non refundable.

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