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  1. Here is my prediction it will be 100 trillion by 2024, source, trust me broh不不不

  2. Number 75 run by go ahead ireland, it has no relation to dublin bus what so ever. Try to contact gai ballymount head office

  3. I had exact same problem on 318i and it did cost me 650 e, this receipt shows that it was a massive rip off

  4. Another person owns 70, yes 70 trillion shib tokens in a single wallet pal, keep dreaming, with this inflation rate it might reach 1$ year of 3022不不不

  5. It is enough to buy me 2003 subaru impreza

  6. My man - just sold my Forester STI not too long ago- best car I ever owned just killed me on fuel and maintenance

  7. I know mate, those r gas guzzler but I just love the power in them返返

  8. King Henry II, he loved Ireland so much that he decided to invade it不不

  9. Take a hike kojak, this place full of scammers ffs互互互

  10. John karoney gambled away all our hard earned money, and ppl still think this coin will survive. I already filed my tax returns and I'm already in minus thanks to safemoon lol


  12. Self rising flour will rise faster lol 不不

  13. I only want a little Nissan micra 扔扔

  14. Join the loosers club pal you r not alone

  15. Wen Lambo? I invested $20 and want it NOW

  16. I left it in your mother's drawer 不不不

  17. Crying about wen Lambo kids but doing mother jokes 丹儭

  18. Can we not create a game or something to burn more tokens, or burning tokens while listening music on Spotify 荊

  19. My 2000$ investment turned in to $313, what a fukin ride to see my hard earned money melting away in front of my eyes 仁仁扔扔互互

  20. Its called risk...a famous friend of mines once got to know when to hold em, know when to walk away, know when to run...

  21. Well it's too late to walk away now so I will hang on until my $300 turns in to a peanut 不不

  22. With that supply the only thing we will get 90 cent ramen noodles 不不不

  23. I bet your wife's boyfriend told you that 不不

  24. We have all been there and unfortunately got used to losing our 50$ 扔扔不不不

  25. It's going to lose 3 zeros?? 不不不 3 zeros 井井

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