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  1. so i guess a better way to phrase my question is how come only the west hollywood show is sold out like that? is garden grove a weird location? i’m not from the area but i will happen to be in cali that week so im thinking abt going :—)

  2. That is not the only one that's sold out- Philadelphia is being resold for around $250 ea along with asbury park

  3. when they came on, the world is ugly, wttbp, famous last words, when the show ended and i knew it was over .. ... i cried a lot

  4. I wish they played mama or destroya during my show but I still loved my setlist!!

  5. I saw someone comment “these were originally $10 and they restock every October so don’t get scammed guys” and a few people said stuff like “I already paid 200+ for these from a reseller”.

  6. They restocked like last week and sold out instantly

  7. It says “lorem ipsum” which is just the placeholder text that text boxes are automatically filled in with in photoshop before you replace it with your text.

  8. not making any conspiracy , i thought it was funny they left it there! haha


  10. frank in a ponytail; thought I saw it at the very beginning on a livestream but never saw any pics or confirming and now I want it to actually happen

  11. Yeah same I said this earlier and got attacked and downvoted like crazy. I don't understand the appeal of any of it. It's disrespectful and rude to both the band and the community, I thought we'd have some form of respect for these men by now

  12. With them being such huge nerds, I never understood why they never did more toys and action figures aside from Funko Pops. Danger Days would've been rife with toy possibilities.

  13. Omg if they made more of these from other eras i'd spend my life savings on them

  14. Insanely jealous, those are awesome!!.. been looking for these for a normal price for months now😭

  15. The Devils are going to sell a few at their first home game of the season on 10/15 if you can make it back to Newark for it!

  16. Got in line for early merch. And maybe we’re are not talking about the same shirt? It’s grey?

  17. Check Twitter, I'm pretty sure someone went up and bought every single mystery and devil shirt and it's causing a ruckus at the venue right now

  18. Me too if anyone is going to the 9/21 show i need that shirt more than I need air

  19. Sadly I don't think I'd be able to make it, I live in south jersey :( I'd really love to though so I appreciate the offer!

  20. hey im selling tickets! to both nights. my twitter is @burningxbright and im selling for much less than face value. can work with you for a price!

  21. I didn't get it in Philly due to local laws.

  22. why would I do that when it's literally on the website bozo

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