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  • By - rvenx

  1. I know this is hindsight and I'm just a casual (previously die-hard) Canuck fan but...

  2. Never thought I'd write this but...Boeser is no longer part of the Canucks future. Injuries have changed his game - I wouldn't be surprised if he retires before 30. Sucks - he's my favorite player. With that being said, Demko also looks like he's a shell of his former self. That just leaves Hughes and Petterson. But Petterson only signed for 3 years and may get out before things get better. Yeesh, shit show. Been watching the Canucks since 2000. Religiously watched them from 2000-2012. This is the worst era I've seen...

  3. I hate to say this, but damn - Boston's been unreal since 2011.

  4. 2011 team was one lucky bounce away from losing in the first round to Chicago.

  5. Yep. As much as I love the 2011 team, they almost blew a 3-0 series lead. Injuries plagued them.

  6. As a Devils’ fan, the Stanley Cup was the ECF that year and possibly the greatest playoff series ever. A whole

  7. Dang, was this series really better than the finals? I'll have to watch. I wonder if the Canucks had played the Devils, would the Canucks have had a better chance at winning...

  8. fk man Boston is 9-1-0. since 2011 they are tearing it up. meanwhile Canucks man, does Aquillini have any shame?

  9. Yep, hate Boston all you want but they've had an amazing run since the 2011 Finals.

  10. I got to Japan 2 days ago and will be here for 3 months. I ordered pocket

  11. There doesnt seem to be a japanese sub for some shows im watching on viki. Does it just depend on the show??

  12. Should add LingQ to the list of apps. It comes with 100+ graded stories/lessons with audio and transcripts. It also has the biggest Japanese content library for learners out of all the other apps.

  13. Honestly, I can't think of a country which would benefit from an extensive train system as much as Canada, specifically B.C.

  14. Honestly, I can't think of a country which would benefit from an extensive train system as much as Canada, specifically B.C.

  15. What is an exit ticket? You mean a return ticket out of Japan?

  16. Sounds like it. I've always assumed you need one to enter Japan.

  17. If anyone thinks the CCP is going to buy and take over BC, I have a bridge to sell them.

  18. Whatever, nothing we can do. The Canadian government allows this to go on for whatever reason.

  19. Can Kyoto be done as a day trip from Osaka or would you need more time to fully experience the city? If I you only had a day, would be the must visit locations?

  20. If this were to happen today, there'd be needles everywhere, homeless maniacs swinging machetes, and cops around every corner. Also, there'd be a building on fire.

  21. This is what we needed...15 years ago.

  22. Visiting Japan soon. One room apartments in Tokyo can be found for $1000 rent. lol.

  23. That depends on what OP is going for. Your method probably works quite well for recognising Kanji but if I asked you to write 警察官職務執行法 on a piece of paper without looking it up, could you do it?

  24. This is a painful and LONG process. I respect everyone who does this and wants to 'master' kanji but personally, Anki and reading is good enough for me.

  25. An attack that triggers Article 5’s collective defense pact must be perpetrated inside of a very specific geographic area; of which Taiwan is not in that area (the Black Sea isn’t even in the area…). So, you’re wrong about that (you’ll remember that 9/11 occurred in the United States of America, and was the only occurrence in NATO’s history to trigger Article 5).

  26. The US doesn't have to "push" dictators into corners. These dictators are nuts. The US is 'poking the bear' as another Redditor said and that may be enough.

  27. Not sure why you're getting downvoted. Last thing we need is the US to really piss of China...they're getting close.

  28. Government sponsored discount coupons aren't going to revive an unchanging industry. It's trying to be your local low price public bath house, which doesn't have market demand anymore. That's why it needs so much subsidies, but the writing is on the wall.

  29. I felt like I was the only person into Sentos out of my group of friends (both Japanese and foreigners). Whenever I went, most of the customers were +40.

  30. I booked my flight (Oct. 22) from Vancouver. I'm going to also book a booster soon so I don't have to take the PCR test. I bought my tickets with ANA (price was reasonable).

  31. Japan to allow VISA-FREE travel from October 11th.

  32. Didn’t see anything in the article about an entry cap per day? Hopefully non existent 😁

  33. Can Chinese tourists go? If not, I suspect the cap won't be reached.

  34. As a Canadian, I can go for 90 days and stay wherever I want, right? Anyways, this news is long overdue.

  35. Immersion is a term to make language learning sound 'cool' and somewhat easy. This sub and many Japanese beginners seemed to rely heavily on the immersion methodology that YouTubers like Matt vs Japan spoke highly of. Not knowing that these YouTubers who are fluent in Japanese have been at the language for 10+ years.

  36. I was selling furniture in my home country before I moved to Japan in my late 20s. I didn't speak any Japanese. Taught English then moved to a global marketing manager. I think these questions of "can I do this, can I do that" are useless. It's up to you to figure it out. Obviously, you'll have some hills to climb but from my experience, it's best to make your own luck and just go for it.

  37. Foreign tourism is not what's driving the weak yen. This is the same weird fucking reddit fantasy that Japan's demographic problem will be solved by redditors moving there and impregnating Japanese women.

  38. redditors moving there and impregnating Japanese women.

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