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  1. I remember using the greek name and someone "corrected" me, saying his name is spelled Hercules.

  2. Then you schooled him, even including that his birth name was Alcaeus.

  3. Japan really is an amazing country. Like I know they're not perfect, but holy shit that sense of community and honor they have is mind blowing to an American like me where we basically live like a bucket of crabs.

  4. When I accidentally left my leather armband at the gym for 2 hours, it was gone when I came back. Never saw it again.

  5. I had severe social anxiety. I could barely order food at the bakery, much less say "Thank you" or "You're welcome" at all. I had a really hard time to say things that are socially expected in certain siruations. Phone calls were a nightmare. Calling e.g. a hairstylist for an appointment took the whole day or even several days until I actually did it.

  6. Do you mean the bad conscience for going NC or the realization that the own parent never truly loved oneself the entire time?

  7. Lowering contact with my nMom was really hard for me as I always tried to please her and do my best to not hurt her (and she felt hurt very easily), even after realizing that she deemed herself most important and abandoned me in a heartbeat when I stopped being her little pet. I had a few mental breakdowns in that time and had big trouble standing up to her and talk back.

  8. So, I found out that the design is by an artist named Silphwave. They do sell their designs on products on Redbubble and Teepublic, though I couldn't find it as an all-over print.

  9. Thank you! What search method did you use?!? Their Instagram graphics designs are amazing!

  10. I just put the pic into Google Lens and scrolled in the hope to find the design. That's how I found it on redbubble. Then I looked up the designer's username on Google for more information on them. That's it. :)

  11. I’d both love and hate the context for this one

  12. So, Google Lens said this is Emil Brugsch, an egyptologist who discovered a lot of mummies, among them Ramses II. Apparently, he emptied most of the tombs to bring them to the museum in Cairo. But because he documented nothing during the discoveries, it is believed that he also sold many of the finds.

  13. Me when someone tried to teach me chess via learning by doing. They gave up lol.

  14. My nMom actually respects my boundaries. But she thinks that my fiancé is manipulating me to turn me against her. So, she basically seems to view boundaries as unreasonable and a personal attack. Letting them treat you like dirt is "love" in their eyes. When you put up boundaries, that """love"""" is gone to them.

  15. All the people of big families I have met have said everything was fine and that everyone should get at the very least 5 children. But then I hear specific stories and think "this isn't anywhere close to "fine". I'm sorry you had to go through all of this.

  16. Didn't know people like you overanalyze a jokeful tweet like a psycology student in their first semester who thinks they know everything. Get a grip.

  17. I agree. I saw the owl image/Athena and then i read the interpretation and I was like, "What?"

  18. The interpretation reminds of the nonsense interpretations of poems that I have written back in school and still got a B for lol.

  19. Lmao!! Me too!! I remember my very 'erudite' writing from that time in my life!

  20. Plato himself couldn't have done it any better than us, haha.

  21. this is true however walmart insulin is not as effective for many people!!! there have been people who’ve died relying on it. def worth looking into for people with linited options, but also not an answer by any means :/

  22. What about Health Warehouse and other cheap online pharmacies?

  23. Now I see where Sleeping Beauty took its inspiration from.

  24. Where does the stereotype come from that girls don’t like wearing the same clothes as each other? Everytime I’ve seen two girls wear the same clothes we think it’s funny and we take pictures. Two girls in my school went to prom in the same dress and thought it was great when they saw each other.

  25. One of my classmates was once a bit uncomfortable that we wore the same longsleeve shirt. That was in 3rd grade when we were 8. That was the only time that something like this happened.

  26. My thoughts exactly, but isn’t obesity a disability? Kind of hard to decide where to draw the line. Also, do these things make noise? Kind of ruins the appeal of the woods if there is a bunch of motorized off road wheelchairs zooming around.

  27. Honestly, if people who normally can't go into the woods because of their disabilty, are abled to do so through these wheelchairs, I don't care the least bit about the noise.

  28. I mean, there are a lot of accessible trails in state parks already (as there should be). But is it so bad to want some nature to only be accessible by walking there? It looks like these tracks would be really destructive to the forest floors compared to walking as well.

  29. I saw another comment that pointed out that the wheelchairs in this case are meant to be used on specific trails only. Hardly any severly disabled person would go off trails anyway. That could become life-threatening in case of an emergency.

  30. Oh my god, my nMom did the same! Just ripping through my hair with the brush and then call me a sissy when I wouldn't let her brush my hair. I got a lot of snarls in my hair because I didn't comb it for months at a time.

  31. Every dog owner should go to a dog obedience school with them. They need to be trained and disciplined or they most likely won't behave at all. Doesn't matter if it's a Rottweiler, Saint Bernard or a chihuahua. Teach the dog that the couch is a no-go zone for the animal before it's too late.

  32. What reasons do your parents have to disapprove of an AGR?

  33. Maybe something I can ask my mother about since I never asked her opinion on it, tho I feel like it’s kinda hinting away to her that she’d ask me why I’m asking about it. My mother and step father have a 5 or 6 year age gap but 10 years ain’t really that much.

  34. Well, of your mother is already in a smal AGR, then I don't see why she would be against it. You could jokingly ask her how many years she would have accepted between her and her husband before she would have considered the gap to be too big. This way, you should be able to test the water without her connecting any dots.

  35. The designer of Fran's outfits said that almost all of Dreschers' charcters' clothes were bought in thrift shops and altered/modified. So, this one is probably sadly custom made for the show.

  36. I found these on Amazon. Seems to be 100% cotton. Their underbreast-measuremt starts at 29 inches for A cups (size 32) and 31 inches for B and C (size 36):

  37. No probs! There should be a size chart button you can click on to display the measurements.

  38. There is "Rainbow Arcade", an exhibition catalogue about the history of LGBT+ in video games. It's currently sold out on amazon, though.

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