1. Take magnesium, zinc, get regular sleep and exercise. Have green tea (cannot have licorice). Eat your veggies, get regular protein, have tumeric with bioperine, have vitamin d with the turmeric, have fish oil with the turmeric. Preferably with a meal. After a week of taking magnesium(500mg oxide) and zinc (20mg), whenever you have magnesium should have food with calcium. The zinc supplement should have 1-2mg of copper ideally. Additional supplement to consider is Bilberry Anthocyanins (not daily, functions as MAOI, passes blood brain barrier, reduces anxiety/depression even in schizophrenia some iirc).

  2. Curious about why not licorice tea?

  3. Licorice prevents stimulation reduction from caffeine over time. So if you have lets say a coffee of 50mg of caffeine, it takes time to absorb to 50mg and depletes 50% every 5 hours. If you have Licorice tea, like 5% of the caffeine is recirculated for every serving of licorice you have stored in your fat cells. So its 45% depletion every 5 hours. After a week of licorice its basically only depleting 15% every 5 hours, so it lasts a lot longer, and can cause insomnia or kidney damage.

  4. Thanks for breaking it down like this. Had no idea licorice could block caffeine clearance.

  5. glutamate is literally blocked by magnesium ions, so you should just try another variant without glycinate.

  6. Is K2 necessary to regulate glutamate if someone is supplementing magnesium but not calcium?

  7. While I do agree about the liver part, NAC has shown to help with mental issues as well. I started last week and from day 1 or 2 started noticing more grounding in reality and stability. It also makes me feel like a fucking boss! I actually feel some sort of emotion. The only thing is it can blunt the effects of caffeine, which is about the only thing that I’ve discovered that makes my anhedonia tolerable.

  8. I’ve been reading Chandler Mars and Dr Lonsdale on the topic and my understanding is you’d have to be mega dosing to overcome the transporter issue

  9. I've been looking into using metformin but concerned with the way it can deplete q10 and am trying to find it supplementing that would mitigate depletion. Did you find anything regarding that when you were reading up?

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