1. The review and the job are years apart.

  2. Lunar has some romance if I remember right.

  3. I need to emulate this game sometime. Everything by Sakaguchi is worth a chance.

  4. Mitch doesn't care about winning. He just wants to not make the big mistake so he can remain the starter. That's his whole goal.

  5. I can't really blame him all that much tbh. How can you force yourself to give 100% and be aggressive when you know the fans don't support you at all and you are a stopgap. There was never any plan for him to be here after this year no matter how good he plays, he's not stupid, he knows that. Kenny starts next year no matter what. A good analogy would be how could I give 100% at a job knowing that after one year, no matter how I perform, I'm getting fired because they already have someone to replace me.

  6. Well, he is being paid millions of dollars. And if he does play lights out he may not get replaced. There's also the fact he might get a job with another team if he plays well.

  7. And yet we need higher taxes caused government is underfunded lol

  8. Mitch only plays to not be benched. Just wants to keep starting. Doesn’t care about wins or losses.

  9. Chase deserves better. He looked great his rookie year then Canada has just ignored him.

  10. Sounds like he tried to negotiate that they change their whole business to sag. Overplaying his hand.

  11. Boring character from rogue one is still boring. Shocker.

  12. All your enemies will be so distracted by your stunningly beautiful weapon they don’t even fire back.

  13. Heard that bigger guy has performance problems 😃

  14. Perhaps Frodo had more memories of war tied to Sting and so wearing it was more painful to him?

  15. I find it so interesting that people on here will go on and on about Tolkien's quote about rejecting allegory, but it's pretty much universally accepted that his experience in WW1 forms the basis for many of the themes in the books. Allegory doesn't require intent.

  16. Having life experience be reflected in your writing isn’t the same thing as allegory. Not even close.

  17. I have a medium size windscreen on my naked and the highway is no issue. Pops on with two bolts.

  18. You actually think Rudolph would do any better than Mitch lol?

  19. Steeler fans convinced themselves all summer that Mitch was some diamond in the rough we discovered. Gonna take time for them to accept he's a journeyman backup player.

  20. Sounds great to me. Might make the game less punishing for new players. Can’t wait to add to my 100+ hours playing this game.

  21. while i don’t agree at all, i can definitely understand. i think people make them seem a lot better than they are simply because they were some of the first to do it

  22. I just don’t like slashers generally. Not saying they aren’t good films though.

  23. Really highlights how crap movies are now.

  24. Totally agree. This game has so much charm and heart. The sequel is excellent as well.

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