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  1. Having a mortgage, makes walking away a little more work. Meaning you need to build an exit strategy. Go to the bank you have a mortgage with ask them, what the process is. So you don't get penalized and hurt your credit. Then I would consult a divorce lawyer. And ask if they could talk you through the process. I think you are here, because part of you, has had enough of the verbal abuse. Where will you go, if you leave? That is also part of the exit strategy. A friend? Do you have family nearby? Do you need to find a place? Perhaps put aside some money, in case you have to spend some time away. What about packing a duffle bag in your car? Or keeping it somewhere handy if you don't drive. And going away, next time your spouse raises their voice. With a simple: "I'm not coming back, until this abuse stops". If you don't want to cause a scene in public. Perhaps walk away. Then send them a message saying that.

  2. Update: I came home and I guess he could tell something was off asked if I was okay I shrugged and he asked if we were okay I said idk I just need some time to focus on myself. He yelled “oh so you wanna take a break?” I said “that’s not what I said” and we’ll now we’re in silence

  3. He decided that he’s going to shut himself in our bedroom now. I’m okay with that. I get to be alone. No yelling if we’re not talking at all.

  4. Oh wow. I looked it up. That sounds absolutely terrible... I’m so sorry you have to experience all that.

  5. Thank you so much. It’s incredibly hard. I’m also only 24….yet happy with the life I have had. I’ve been so giving and kind making it a point to start my own elf Christmas charity where I sponsor a family for Christmas and bring the gifts to the kids home dressed as an elf. Haha it’s my happiness.

  6. That’s a really beautiful idea! And yeah happiness is totally giving to others, helping when you’re needed, making ppl smile. That’s what it’s all about. I think it can be healing to give also. Like I’ve had a bad headache and done something to get out of myself or have fun and it goes away.

  7. I do meditate not as much recently. I’m trying to get back into it. I believe the reason for everything is that we have to learn and grow to reach some kind of peace. We can’t have peace without understanding. Both the bad and the good. A lot of issues would be solved if people weren’t ashamed ti open up emotionally and be vulnerable. I believe in a heaven and a god in a way but that god is more of a collective conscience that’s smarter than I. Heaven is a place to connect with those souls we grieve on a deeper more connected level, you know the feeling. I accept that I don’t know and I’m not supposed to or I would know the answer to life. Fun to try and find its

  8. I had Covid and an active flare I’m not going to lie I almost died. I have it bad. I’m here to chat we have similar symptoms. Good news though I made it - move your lungs daily till you feel like you’re gonna pass out.

  9. This happened to me - I’ve had 3 Pfizer

  10. I love Sean. I’m assuming you are young and come from a bad home. I did too. I now work in finance. I have everything I ever wanted and more. I became observant. Watched those who were successful and unsuccessful around me and took the traits of the good and got very great examples of the repercussions of the bad. I went to school because I like business and have a business mindset. Trade school is also a great option. Or engineering school. If on the other hand you like physical activity like Sean…that has to become your 24/7 job. Everything you eat and do will be fighting/sport. So it’s up to you but I can tell by this post you’ll be fine. You’re already asking the right questions.

  11. He may be checked out of the marriage and looking to start a fight to have a reason to leave for good. He will get physically abusive as You continue to walk off.You should file for divorce NOW!

  12. If he ever got physical it would only be once.

  13. Wow. You are ready to throw in the towel that fast? He is obviously yelling for a reason. What are YOU doing?

  14. Usually it’s that I did or did not say something of complete unimportance that starts a fight

  15. HELL NO!!! Start one. I will donate. I'm so sorry to hear about this :( If its truly for what you say- no one can judge and if they do fuck them.

  16. I don't think it's a bad thing, but I am very fair skinned and I wear wigs and I've never spent more than $80 on one and most of them are completely convincing, I can send you some pics

  17. Did you actually pass for a minute? Like a doctor told you this? Or you're assuming you did? How do you know it wasn't just a dream?

  18. No dr. But I have never been this sick. I’ve been close to death in hospital and knew I wasn’t going to pass. I believe in my soul i passed that night.

  19. That they get to experience life from an uncommon perspective and can learn from it if they pay attention. Otherwise nothing.

  20. Ah. That being said, it may err on the side of emotional abuse or at least toxicity. I’m so sorry. It really sounds like he needs to work on himself, or it may be time to move on.

  21. I’m just nervous I’ll lose everything my dad worked for every penny and we’ve been married less than a year I look stupid

  22. It’s really hard to tell the severity of it as an outsider. If you ever feel unsafe, please get out of there. However, it could be a circumstance where communication streams just aren’t good.

  23. I think ifs necessary at this point

  24. Hi there! Since this is an HS subreddit, we are not familiar with hair overgrowth and how to manage that. Even though this is the closest subreddit you have found to HS, it’s still much different. There is a subreddit for hirsutism. That sounds like the condition that you have, causing your overgrowth of hair where hair shouldn’t be. This is caused by hormone abnormalities, such as PCOS and can happen in men and women. I would maybe post this there to see if you can get any advice. Sorry we couldn’t be more help! :/

  25. After review that is not at all my symptoms. Has anyone had success by shaving their head? Or at least buzzing it?

  26. Hm. Tbh that sounds wrong. As your husband he should love you for the person you are, if it's annoying he should be supportive rather than ... That. In a healthy relationship you were able to talk about the feelings he causes with his behaviour. You should be able to talk about anything since he's your partner in life and should be supportive when you struggle. Please think about this and if your marriage creates an environment in which you feel loved and supported.

  27. :(((( I think you need a new therapist. And possibly a new husband, while you're at it.

  28. I love him and he loves me I think but there’s money involved and I think that might be it i have no idea anymore

  29. Please comment again so I can save this for later

  30. I am but not sure how much longer I got better and am feeling bad again like a cycle

  31. I'm in Florida with a large elderly population and I don't have insurance. If I did have insurance, I'd be waiting for over six months for an appointment. Because I am self-pay, I can't even get a rheumatologist to see me, period. I have had Lupus for 7 years and have never once seen a rheumatologist. Thankfully, my PCP has a background in Lupus research and has taken excellent care of me. I suffered for a year with no treatment before I found him.

  32. There is a huge shortage of rheumatologists right now. Not enough of them going into practice and a lot of them retiring. I had to wait 18 months to get into mine in Nashville. Fortunately, he’s probably the best and most caring doctor I’ve ever found in my life. He had me figured out and on the right meds in the first visit. For 30 years I lived with chronic pain because none of the meds where working for me. He tried one that hadn’t been tried with me and in 2 weeks I was able to start playing my guitar again, something I hadn’t done in 15 years because my hands were always too swollen and painful. Sometimes the wait is worth it even if it sucks

  33. Oh it sucks luckily My symptoms are so bad that I get prednisone prescriptions as needed but I need to know wtfff is going on.

  34. We’re in a better place now. Our life has been a mess and we’re so happy together but we get so stressed. We take it out in each other. We have great communication but with 2 deaths, possible cancer for him, autoimmune disorder for me, car wreck, new house, new everything it’s hard to get all your feeling out. We had a breaking point and made up. We’ve just had the worst first year of marrriage ever and not even because of us just because of life.

  35. I read this message and I felt it. I’m sorry for your loss. I lost my brother 5 years ago and not one day I don’t think about him. He was my best friend growing up.

  36. Grief is like a broken faucet my friend! Wishing you love and peace ✌️

  37. If it is it is. If it’s not it’s not. It’s what I choose to think based of my life experiences.

  38. I don't know. I watched some comedians a little bit.

  39. Stick to what you do now and build off of it!

  40. Sweety, I am so sorry. If I had the power to help you I would. For now all I can tell you is that you matter. You still have fight in you but, no bullshit, it is hard. Give yourself grace. You are doing everything you can and hopefully the medical professionals are, too. Sending love to you.

  41. Thank u I need this so much right now

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