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  1. I dont know…. Still in complete shock! 2 weeks ago, on the launch of the ranger. My AD called me to pick up my ranger. On top of that she said she had something else for me… i thought she had a strap that i had ordered… when i walked in she took me straight to VIP and told me congratulations! I was so confused in the begging… then the manager walked in with the root beer and the ranger! 🤯😭 walked out broke but fuck it!

  2. This seems to be like an insane spend to be gifted with only a TT watch, even a desirable one. Even in 2022 this seems nuts to me

  3. Hmm. Then again they got me my sub last January… so i got two hot watches? Idk…

  4. Guys! As you know I recently picked up the ranger on a bracelet! I saw this beautiful vintagey bond nato on crow and buckle! I just has to get it! Hence, i wasnt wrong! This watch is fucking awesome! I know a lol of you dont like thos butt plug hand looking watch. But, i love it! 👌🏻🙏

  5. Guys dunno what to do.. driving home suddenly got a check engine on my 2021 x3…. Cleaned gas cap check it and it clicks shut! Smfh am i out of luck??

  6. About to buy a 2023 model and kinda worried. Did you find out what your issue was?

  7. Yup. It was an O2 sensor…. Free of charge tho still under warranty. But still… for a relatively new car i didnt expect an o2 error lol

  8. woooops guys, looks like i shot my steering wheel by accident 😳

  9. Bought it the day of release! Lucky to have such a wonderful SA! Im loving it! The best perfect daily watch! Im going to strap it on beautiful nato soon! Any nato suggestions? 🥰😇😁

  10. Right looks gen to me. Cyclops & AR coating, SEL fitment, bezel insert, and screw down crown area are the tells for me.

  11. Honestly, i think it’s fine. Imo it’s just to show appreciation to my SA. Like come’on they could have called another person from his/her looong list of clients. But instead chose me. I return the favor by showing a lil bit of gratitude. Maybe $100-$150 for dinner or something. Just imho tho…

  12. Hello guys, here’s another watch i want to know of this is legit or not? How can we tell? Im not very good with Panerai thanks!

  13. A guy i look up to owns this. I just want to be nosy and know if it’s legit? What are the chances it’s a high rep? Im not good with Panerai. I need your eyes and opinions guys! Thanks

  14. Tank gen gmt gen constellation gen baltic gen

  15. ZZF sub, ZF BB58, Gen GMT. No idea about the cartier

  16. This is 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 how like exactly on point? I want to have your eyes bro lmaoo

  17. Damn we dont even have half of that inventory here in Any AD here in NYC

  18. Feel relatively chunky! Size is similar just the gmt feels a lot more beefy and heavy. Though i only got 7.1 inch wrist

  19. I'm curious about how the thickness affects the wearing experience.

  20. It doesn’t really. It just feel bulky. Like i feel i gotta be extra careful with it. It’s bulky enough that you may accidentally ding it on a desk or something. What’s your wrist size?

  21. Asked my local tourneau AD to add me to the list. To my surprise, i got the call today! I couldn’t let it slide! I just have to get it! I dropped everything and i went! After a few months of hunting this bad boy I finally got it! ❤️

  22. Didn’t even have to QC! It’s just off… i’ve seen better shitter than this. like YOUR shitter are prolly better than this.

  23. People get rep gshocks? 😳 aren’t they dirt cheap already?

  24. You should ask for an angle shot to make sure the date doesn't sit low in the case. Otherwise looks great. Love my GF blackbird.

  25. Everything seems fine. Zzf usually are good to go. That bezel maybe just a little but off center ask him to rotate it and maybe it’s not an issue. Coz in the other inages it’s not off. Anyways good luck with your purchase my man. I have a zzf as well. But for zzf they’re known for the no date.

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