1. Actually 6 million lunc holders across all its exchanges

  2. With this tremendous changes we are seeing great positive results

  3. No change unless 50% is burned. staking will help temporarily

  4. what???? lunc rising to $30 from $0.00012? what???

  5. Well if you had LUNAT you'd probably know lmao

  6. Nope mate , 2 or 3 years but now it seems to be 2 or 3 months , Hope for the best LOL

  7. agreed. lunc is taking over the world of as a new beloved coin

  8. https://thenewscrypto.com/terra-luna-price-prediction#:~:text=price%20by%202025%3F-,Terra%20Classic%20(LUNC)%20price%20is%20expected,to%20reach%20%241.6%20by%202025

  9. None... I seriously hope this poll is a joke...otherwise all you're doing is putting false hope into the inexperienced crypto trader.

  10. not a joke it is real and all you got to do is buy $1000 and forget it for 15+ years.

  11. With this news, lunc will blow up soon. according to their calculations, the new 1.2% burned will be able to burn 12billion a day, and with increase in holders to millions and this burn 🔥, we will get to a $1 sooner than later

  12. why are you browsing in crypto world if you hate them that much?

  13. Well, we won’t be millionaires but Tae KwOn Do will!

  14. I will, because I have bought 100million. because it reach $1

  15. Buy as much as you can afford. Don't drag others down with you.

  16. I want everyone to be rich, all the cryptos are advising people theirs why not do that to lunc idiot

  17. My god 🤦 you have 0 knowledge of market caps 😂

  18. wuh! you are so dumb. you are stuck on stupid with mcap, like it can never go in trillions, the world is getting larger and bigger stupid, and records are broken daily

  19. Can supreme also roll back slavery and voting rights for women?

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