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  1. In no world does Cole (book or show) beat book Daario. Show Daario wouldn't have a chance, though.

  2. Was this at the ASCA National Specialty this past week?

  3. This was at the Nationals last year! Put her in the tent while we packed up the stall and she never fails to find ways to entertain herself :) Were you there this year?

  4. Yes, we were there, showing my puppy in the 4-6 month classes and helping with the ARPH booth. I've been to a couple of Nationals with my dogs over the years. My boy this year is my first from a breeder. Next year, he'll be old enough to compete in rally and dock jumping in addition to conformation.

  5. That's awesome! I spent most of the week at the ASCA booth. I would be surprised if we didn't know each other already! :)

  6. OMG I thought the puppy was an Aussie plush! SO ADORABLE!

  7. That is the goal eventually! It's really hard to find sites that can support how huge this event is and enough livestock, but ASCA has folks looking into it. I think there was a site in New Jersey that was being looked at...

  8. Pennsylvania farm show complex, enormous venue. Obviously it hosts the farm show but a ton of other stuff

  9. That site is really cool! I know it was looked into a few years ago but I think it might have ended up being too expensive for the buildings/days needed. The Nationals haven't been on the east coast since 2007; before that, it was since 1986! Way overdue.

  10. i have a similar picture with the same dog bag and similar dog, how do i post a pic so you can see?

  11. TVLL says:

    Today picture please!

  12. I love the name!! Many of my dogs have been given nautical-themed names. Beautiful pup!

  13. What age did you start at? Our breeder gave us this absolutely horrific packet of how impact can injure growing pups, and I am absolutely anxious.

  14. I wouldn't be too anxious - just do some research on appropriate activities to do with young dogs (free play, flat work, etc.). Growing puppies have spongy bones and soft tissues. Their growth plates calcify over by about 12-18 months old. So, you should absolutely limit high-impact activities (like catching a frisbee or even jogging on hard surfaces) until at least that age. It's for this reason that a dog can't even compete in ASCA agility until 18 months of age (it's 15 months in AKC).

  15. Thanks! First puppy, coming in about ten days. Nothing to do but plan and overthink!

  16. Oh gosh, you are in for some fun! The most important thing you will want to do is make sure they get lots of socialization! Having a well-adjusted puppy will make it easier to try all the fun things when they grow up. Best of luck!!

  17. Red merles always look so beautiful with a soft sunset.

  18. The 3 year old is being such a sweetheart and very respectful of his/her elder!

  19. I am constantly in awe of how patient the young dog is with the old gal. I was worried about bringing home a rambunctious puppy, but she has been a dream from day one.

  20. James Kilcer is the marine. Happened in Yuma, Arizona. Guy with gun was 14 and did get caught.

  21. Right? I get the feeling this has been an issue before.

  22. My mom let me watch Tales From The Crypt as a kid but Woody Woodpecker was absolutely banned in our house.

  23. KaBlam! Prometheus and Bob were some of my favorite slapstick growing up.

  24. It's a great way to exercise Aussie herding instincts when you don't have access to livestock. The dog gathers large balls and herds them into a pen in a particular order. Here's a good video demonstrating the tasks:

  25. This is insanely impressive. He even included the upper peninsula of Michigan which is sometimes comically forgotten in official maps.

  26. I also live in an apartment and have an Australian Shepherd that is friendly and good with dogs and people, however, I do not want her engaging with others while we're out so I've had to be creative at times. First thing I will do when I see someone coming our way is put my hand out physically indicating for them to stop, and I say "My dog is in training and I would appreciate you giving her some distance." I will say that it works more often than not. If they have a dog and I get the impression they are not going to respect the training bit, I will resort to yelling out "My dog is contagious! Please keep your dog away!"

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