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  1. Oh my God the Mean Girls comparison is spot on. Amy totally thinks she's the Regina George of mainstream Christianity - better than everyone else because she thinks p*dos are bad and stuff

  2. That pig is in a rush. The goats are just chilling.

  3. One time when I was like 10, I was eating a chocolate bar, messily. A wasp flew over, landed on my face, I spent the rest of my lunch break just stood there with a wasp crawling over my lips eating the chocolate.

  4. Maybe let’s not dress children in clothes that are supposed to look like lingerie.

  5. Why you gonna say this and not provide a photo?

  6. Conspiracy: the KJ team is already in the process of scrubbing all photos of it from the internet/s.

  7. They don’t care about the Malikas like that.

  8. Yeah him and zuckerberg too. So lets call them 2 lizard men and one ugly mf.

  9. Bezel seems the most likely to get involved in the military.

  10. Chips and Nutella is alright. Some dropped from a crepe onto fries once and it tasted like doughnuts.

  11. I doubt there is some agreement. And you can't actually make a binding agreements like this.

  12. Agreement implies some sort of written or verbal agreement where all parties agree to something.

  13. An agreement is two people agreeing on something.

  14. Interdental brushes (e.g. TePe) are far better (and way less painful) than floss, while being cheaper than a waterpik.

  15. Eventually a waterpik will become cheaper than interdentals but I suspect it's significantly longer than a year. Also, if it needs replacing because it breaks, it gets damaged, the battery degrades, etc. that pushes the date even further out. And what about travel/holidays? Do you take it with you or do you end up buying interdentals anyway?

  16. I think getting through one interdental a week is optimistic. Especially if anyone has crowding or tight spaces. Sometimes I’ll get through two in one session because they bend too much.

  17. Lol, I don’t think people realised you’re being satirical

  18. I agree completely and I wish there were more messages like this about how well intentioned men can make women safe. And the original post (not the OP posting it here but whoever did it originally) was unnecessary and overkill. We all know these things already and it doesn't help to remind us we're constantly in danger of being assaulted or worse over and over. Unless you've got some new advice just stop with that shit

  19. I dunno, I think messages like this are kind of good because they remind men of the shit we go through.

  20. I think most of them scroll past as soon as they see "Hey ladies" tbh.

  21. I've got a fair amount of years in the BDSM scene, and Orgasm Denial is definitely a kink.

  22. Sure but in this instance it seems like she’s getting a rush from the honesty.

  23. Why am I supposed to feel guilty about the skin colour of my partner?

  24. This is pretty much my story with condoms, they basically completely ruin sex.. And I'd like to be all cool and tout them as this universal safest option, but reality is - it's sex OR condoms.

  25. Yep, some people think it means that women will start treating men the way that men treat women.

  26. I hate feeling feelings, so I don’t watch very many movies at all

  27. Why do people say utopia like it’s a bad thing? Is that not what we’re aiming for long term?

  28. Just tell him that you understand but in a relationship you need to feel like you’re special to your partner.

  29. Not Nutbush. 😂😂😂😂 As someone who has done micro braids in my hair several times, $250 is really not a lot for box braids cuz it's a lot Of work.

  30. I did regular box braids on myself and it took me like 3-4 days.

  31. Same for mine. I would braid around the edges and pull it up in a ponytail to hide the middle.

  32. That’s smart. I just didn’t leave the house lol.

  33. If you don’t want to move the leaves then don’t move the leaves.

  34. It’s good you mentioned your child upfront, but also reading this, sounds like you really want someone as a father figure in their life. Maybe remove the step father part. Add more about you! Lighten up the mood a little bit to show how much you like laughing.

  35. See id keep the part about wanting a blended family because that is a great filter. IMO the only benefit of online dating is the filtering and being able to automatically screen out those that you’re instantly not compatible with.

  36. In the “About Me” section I feel like you should put more stuff about you and not what you’re looking for in a partner. All I got from that paragraph was that you’re a hard-working and devoted single mother, but that’s all. What else should people know about you? What kind of personality do you have? What drives you? Etc. Try to make it different than the other millions of profiles out there.

  37. Also that’s a super generic description for a person. It tells me nothing of what you’re like to hang out with.

  38. I don't take OP's post very seriously. Yours: definitely. DM me, I've got an occupational therapist in the family and I've been personally obsessed with making tech more accessible for all since before I can remember. Please, let me help you out. No joke, as a person who also has weird nerve issues and random pains, I wanna brainstorm how to help you with this, and if it's doable, put something together and just ship it to you, no cost to you. No BS, let's do this.

  39. It’s never a phase. People would like to think it’s a phase to try and oppress people that don’t conform but it never is.

  40. To be fair, I have seen detransition communities that attribute their initial transition to dissatisfaction with other areas of their life that manifested as gender dysphoria.

  41. Spent a long time as a bouncer and one of the most disrespectful things I ever saw was one of my co-workers carry two grown men by their belts at the same time like briefcases. They didn’t even struggle. Manhood just left them as soon as they got hoisted up.

  42. I dunno, sideways you’re literally a briefcase.

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