1. We get it! You’re young.

  2. Sorry, reference to Community. Not trying to be actually rude

  3. They aren’t compatible. The show is full of contradictions

  4. I’d say listen to the album on its own first. Then watch Clapping. Then read the screenplay, it has instructions on when to play songs so follow along with that.

  5. I almost lost my mind on HBO Max. Here’s hoping when it all migrates to Disney it’ll be in 23.98

  6. One of them enters your optic nerve and can take over/destroy your body. Because ‘the image of an angel becomes an angel’

  7. At that point in time she is

  8. Clara is the best. She’s the kindest, friendliest, most selfless of them all. She is so lovable and amazing.

  9. How are you on every thread defending Clara but at the same time convinced this is the only person who doesn’t like her? Plenty of people dislike her, and that’s fine

  10. Pretty big spoilers for Jodie Whitaker's era, if there is still anyone out there who wants to catch up on those series:

  11. Remember how Clara didn’t see The War doctor until she landed at the bottom? That shows the timestream is selective/subjective. It hid a version of the Doctor they didn’t like. There’s no telling what would happen to a version they didn’t know about

  12. Incorrect, Yuri Lowenthal does mocap and VA. The new face model was someone who fit Yuri’s mocap better

  13. I'm pretty damn excited for Ncuti's run. I'm an odd redditor who was pretty okay with Jodie's run (the truth is I find myself enjoying any era of Doctor Who), but I'm really ready to meet the new guy.

  14. I’m with you. Had a good time during Jodie/Chibnall’s tenure but also very excited to see what we’ve got coming

  15. Im sorry but a survey done by “fandom” doesn’t scream trustworthy. Black Adam didn’t even break even meanwhile Wakanda Forever passed $400 million in a week. I’m not saying there aren’t real complaints about marvel or people who genuinely enjoy DC movies, but let’s do a little better with our clickbait

  16. Applying to a Video Editor Position at a company that creates their own product reviews, podcast, and interviews. Everything seems to be done in house. I've never worked anywhere as a video editor. I recently graduated from film school. Have edited short film, skits, and some commercials. I sent the company a product video I edited for their company. They liked it and I have a phone interview next week.

  17. In my experience you’ll get thrown in, maybe they’ll have a guide/manual. But other editors/AEs will be happy to explain the workflow to you

  18. Here’s one. Any idea how the hell I can get work after 3 years?

  19. If you’re looking for fullyime work, shelling out the $40 for a month of LinkedIn premium worked for me. The ability to message the hiring manager got me 3 interviews in a week after months of searching with 0 interviews

  20. There’s two with the exact same hint of just “Iron Man” how is anyone supposed to know which one is which?

  21. You don't have to know which is which. You don't have to answer them in any order. Those two hints are both just "Iron Man" because those two cast members appeared in "Iron Man" and no other MCU movies.

  22. Oh okay, so let’s say (obviously this isn’t the answer) one is Gwyneth Paltrow and one is RDJ, either can go in either spot?

  23. The way reddit can never tell irony when it comes from a woman is insane. This is clearly one of the Sprouse twins and this is a joke in a discord chat

  24. Mac later did an interview with this journalist and it was really interesting. Definitely worth a

  25. I understand the context of this feature, but anyone who says that this is somehow a bad feature just doesn't know what they're talking about. From an IT security perspective alone this feature should be required in just about all apps to begin with.

  26. Hulu has always had this, and its so nice. Someone one not only got on my account but made their own profile. It was nice I could just go through and kick everyone off and send out login info to people I trusted

  27. why can't you just do that anyway? just change the password and give it to who you want

  28. I think some websites leave people logged in if the password is changed. Not sure entirely

  29. I almost agree with your last point. Face The Raven had that message, but sending her off in Hell Bent with her own immortality, TARDIS and companion kind of undermines that by making her a pseudo-doctor

  30. Well that was just Moffat’s Jenna Coleman fanfic and obviously not an actual canon episode of the show.

  31. I do my best not to say certain things aren’t canon (whether canon exists in this show aside). But I really loved Clara’s sendoff in Face the Raven and I do sometimes like to imagine what it would be like if Moffat just let a companion stay dead

  32. They reminded me of something from the old Hellboy movies. They seem like something Del Toro would design and I loved that

  33. I feel like that will be a little weird. But guess it will hopefully explain why she made the suit and was instantly a badass with it.

  34. For me personally an MIT student who grew up working on cars with their dad making their own Iron Man suit is enough of a reason why she made it. And she’s said she’s used it multiple times before so she didn’t seem immediately good with it.

  35. The part that I couldn’t suspend disbelief for was when she said she made her first one when she was 3. Like I get the whole marvel super genius thing but come the fuck on lmao at least make it like 8 years old or somethin idk

  36. I must’ve missed that line in the movie. That does seem too young

  37. In my view, yes. But there is never going to be a definitive answer to these sorts of questions.

  38. I felt like 13 calling her return a “degeneration” so to me that’s confirmation it didn’t count

  39. I mean no offense to OP. But have mods just given up watching for leaks lately? I’ve noticed an increase in posts requesting or straight up sharing links staying up lately

  40. I'm leaning towards that but I just can't get past Whittaker not having a damn sonic, it frustrates me on an integral level

  41. What? She builds one in her first episode

  42. Okay, shit, you're absolutely right and I have no idea how I got it into my head she didn't have one. I'm sorry, that's basically the main stubborn point I had completely gone and thank you, I swear I watched the first one but now I'm thinking I might have bitched about her not having it at the start so much that I wiped out that bit.

  43. Yeah, she loses it in the fall from the TARDIS but builds a new one. As a sidenote I love that she built her own

  44. I know I’m being petty here but this is the score not the soundtrack

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