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  1. After he read this at the con he said that this chapter was very long winded and he trims significantly in revisions. But I love this chapter! I don’t want anything cut!

  2. Jealous about the Infinity blades and defending elysium/firstborn

  3. Navani and Dalinar do not feel like a slow burn to me at all

  4. It might be a reference to every single Mistborn cover honestly

  5. But people will love him for it!

  6. Isn’t that the point of the downvote?

  7. Best book Brandon’s written in my opinion

  8. Super easy purchase process for me. Kinda disappointed with the cyber Monday sale though. Expected some more items

  9. Might be my favorite Mistborn book 😅

  10. Isn’t this like the 3rd time Brandon has been competing with an Obama on the NYT best seller list?

  11. Rock, the SA novella. And first quarter 2024 is most likely SA 5. So 7 books in 15 months.

  12. November 2024 Stormlight 5

  13. Source? Last I had heard it was only delayed a quarter.

  14. It's confirmed to take place after SLA.

  15. Wonder who the new sword will be

  16. Mine are so uncomfortable

  17. I heard that someone else who got the coin at the convention was offered 700$USD for his. The owner refused.

  18. I think every book has gotten better. RoW> O> WoR>TWoK

  19. Yeah. Just finished my fourth reread haha. Really cemented it for me

  20. i refuse to believe it’ll be called afterlife

  21. Honestly this song takes me to another world. Driving and never stopping, bad bitch in the passenger seat, my G in the back wit his thotiana, all of us dripped out, no worries whatsoever.

  22. Well we know for a fact another Herald died the night Gavilar died that wasn't Taln, so it's a pretty reasonable assumption to say it was that Herald who then broke just a little later causing the Desolations early.

  23. Drawing a blank, where do we find out a herald died that night?

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