1. I dunno if you're still on Reddit but I saw something similar but in the daylight and up close in 2008 I believe, just a few months before this and across the pond in the Southeast US.

  2. I'm highly skeptical of a natural afterlife, but still my answer is ''I don't know''.

  3. Find a quiet place & listen to this, profound & utterly thought provoking. You'll see..

  4. Off the top of my head.

  5. Rod Serling’s last name is now missing a T for many people. I remember him as being Rod Sterling. The T disappeared for many several years ago. It’s one of the early MEs.

  6. Of course that would be the single most revealing event, but there is much more that has occurred during our lives here that appear to be things you cannot experience solely existing in the afterlife because the natural conditions there just don't allow for it.

  7. Playing devil's advocate -

  8. That's because you've experienced enough, I assume, to appreciate the difference between a delicious dessert and, even though you probably never literally eaten shit, let's say shitty food. You already have a life experience built up that allows you to appreciate ice cream at least to a certain degree.

  9. Unfortunately still subjective vs empirically objectively provable though some cases they did articulate they saw what happened outside of their body.

  10. Consider this, the individual may not have reached the actual boundary where the nde is triggered.. also they may instantly forget it, as what very often happens with dreams

  11. reality is becomin more dead. ive talked about spirituality with people yet it still feels dead and fake to speak about it with them. at this point im searchin for people with the exact same resonance and energy as me, everyone else seems too caught up in the illusion of material pursuits/ego driven intentions. feels lonley and like im the crazy weird one here. even when they somewhat awaken, theyre still followin mainstream spirituality thats on tiktok/youtube, i just cant seem to find true authentic people anywhere. alot of pseudo awakened people out there that invalidates my personal experience of feelin extremely disoriented, low, weird, crazy idk you name it. so speakin to people yet not quite resonating with them even if we hold commonground perspectives (e.g. yeh goverment is nwo, we are in a matrix, we want freedom, meditation is useful, beneficial) makes me feel even more lonley and "outcasted". i just know we died in 2020 and shifted, and reality hasnt been the same/usual since. it doesnt matter what the truth is actually, you need to find your own path in this mess.

  12. I can relate very much to your post my friend, maybe the feelings of being an outcast are part & parcel of a profound realisation this world is not what we believe it to be.

  13. Agree with everything here.

  14. This is exactly what I have said to sceptics regarding people remembering South America directly below North America, asking where are these old school books etc showing this.

  15. You may not like this but consider it -

  16. Could you expand on this further? I didn’t really understand what you mean by integration. What do you mean everything you experience is part of yourself?

  17. What you are basically, deep, deep down, far, far in, is simply the fabric and structure of existence itself.

  18. Consciousness can't be explained as it is metaphysical in nature, beyond science.

  19. Simple. The research being done in places like the Institute of Noetic Studies and the University of Virginia Division of Perceptual Studies have proven psi phenomenon as being statistically real.

  20. I would argue the only thing all of us have ever known is existence, so what's to say it doesn't continue beyond physical death, further I would say our present existence is a very good indicator of the past & future where we have existed in some form or other.. When sleeping & in dreamstate we still have awareness even though we could be totally oblivious to our current life & situation.

  21. I prefer to call it a cartoon, but that's just what vibes with me. Viewing this reality outside the confines of a human vessel is like looking at a divine watercolor painting.

  22. If you don't mind me asking, have you ever had something like a near death experience, or a mystical experience before encountering the ME?

  23. I was an atheist, what you see it what you get, pre ME. However I had an open mind. My big thing was that if I ever experienced direct proof of something more I would accept it immediately. That open mindedness I feel is what led me to the massive third eye opening I had directly following my introduction into the ME. My entire belief system was turned upside down. I essentially had a rebirth of sorts. I was able to view reality through a lens not bound by my physical body.

  24. We in the west have been taught certain premises about the world from a very young age to be unshakable truths, big bang, evolution, our place in a random, aimless universe.

  25. Some more thoughts that I think may be of interest -

  26. "The ability of the brain to create consciousness has baffled some for millennia."

  27. Consciousness can't be explained as it is metaphysical in nature, beyond science.

  28. In short, a breakthrough psychedelic experience are pointers to a greater reality but not related to the nde experience imo.

  29. Have a read of this short story, you'll be intrigued & I guarantee you won't see the end coming.

  30. WHAT IS.. is clear, we only know existence nothing more, so as I alluded our present state of existence is a massive indication that we have existed in the past & will so in the future meaning this awareness we could call the self.

  31. I can't speak to your feeling that census numbers or wrong, or that people are just like appearing. But I am definitely noticing places becoming more and more crowded. I think there's an element of people getting out of cities after covid, and also just the urban sprawl in general. If I go back to where I grew up, the farmlands are now shopping plazas.

  32. 8 billion will be reached in November so I've read, with India overtaking China as the most populous country next year.

  33. You may not like this but consider it -

  34. NDErs have a different perspective than those who remain.

  35. https://www.reddit.com/r/NDE/comments/wg09dd/my_nde_after_my_heart_abruptly_stopped/iixgz8a?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3

  36. I had something like an nde myself.

  37. Isn't it interesting how very old these celebs are getting now on their second or third "rebirth"? Late 80s to 90s.

  38. Actor David Warner died yrs ago for me, he passed away again last week.

  39. I don't think that is at all the only thing the Apex Players want us to believe.

  40. In the end it doesn't matter, the denial of a created reality thus a creator behind it is all that matters in the end to the establishment, they want total belief that only they are the highest power, that everything else is random.. Including evolution, this is why they promote it so hard, because then us, the image of the creator is reduced to something animalistic & random without purpose.

  41. I think the Apex Players want very much for us to believe in a God or Gods. They want us to defend as many supernatural, spiritual, or other unsubstantiated beliefs as possible. That achieves many of their goals, such as: 1) divide and conquer, 2) fomenting conflict, 3) taking our time away from more productive lines of thought, 4) making our decisions less likely to yield the desired results .... just to name a few.

  42. I already listened to that a few minutes ago. I have heard that theory about 200 times in the last 10 years. It is hard to imagine that anyone who engages in such discussions has not heard it, so what made you so sure I had not heard it?

  43. If you can't see the reality of this world by now, then you never probably will.

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