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  1. Here's a simple recipe by J Kenji Lopez for carnitas.

  2. Massively second Kenji's recipe, I've done it a few times and it's always excellent

  3. Jollof rice - the one thing every Ghanaian and Nigerian person I've ever asked has said

  4. Its pretty different from those two, mostly because of the cheese - traditionally you melt an entire reblochon on the top while baking it, so you have a lot of melted cheese plus the coveted crispy cooked cheese around the outside. Its more of a complete meal than scalloped or au gratin which would normally be side dishes.

  5. I can't talk to anything else, but Mendeley is terrible with anything other than standard journal articles

  6. Aged about 15 (far longer ago than I'd like to admit) I wanted to impress a girlfriend with my cooking, thought I'd make something tasty that I'd done a couple of times with success - a pasta dish with pork meatballs, pine nuts, spinach, emulsifier sauce. Thought I'd get ahead by cooking the pasta early and keeping in fresh in water after...

  7. Just email the editor and ask for a short extention, they are usually totally fine to give you longer. No need to scrifice grades or getting publish, just communicate with the editors.

  8. You can edit a first draft, you can't edit a blank page.

  9. In addition to what everyone else is saying, there is actually some interesting research looking the levels of heavy metal remaining in rice after cooking - by cooking in lots of water you remove a lot more of the heavy metals. It's not a big concern if you don't eat rice for every meal, but if you do eat it a lot, it's something to keep in mind.

  10. I had this exact issue last weekend when tasked with making a cake for a dinner party - I went for a crepe cake, not hard at all, but a little bit time consuming. Looked great in the end though!

  11. I pickled some like habanero a couple of weeks back, they are now great, do recommend!

  12. The smell is unusual, I've (unfortunately) had glass stove tops most of my life and never had any sort weird smell when preheating or when stuff falls on it, unless it's dirty.

  13. Eggless pasta is absolutely a thing. It's a bit harder to work, but adding dinner olive oil can help.

  14. Picking-wise you can really pick them from as soon as they are fully grown but still green though to a dark red, the flavour changes from nice, fresh, herbaceous, to sweeter more fruity and hotter, so it depends on what you are using them for (think Thai green curry vs Thai red curry).

  15. The difference is different for different things, but it all comes down to the amount of cells you rupture. For alliums (garlic, onion, etc) this is very important as there are chemicals and enzymes in the cells that start reacting as soon as the cells get broken, so in that case the more damage you do to the cells (for example by grating the onion) the more of the reaction you get. A similar thing can happen with other things, for example apples will oxidise and turn brown etc.

  16. Wash immediately before using ( washed strawberries will spoil faster, so don't do this ahead of time). Take a paring knife, cut off greens, and then very carefully as to not cut yourself or smash your berries, begin to cut away / peel the out later from the berry.

  17. Is it actually worth it though? Seems like a lot of work and waste for minimal gain?

  18. So all it effects is the texture, so if that's not an issue you need to account for, then it's just extra work that can be avoided.

  19. Par boil and double fry - boil until cooked through but not quite falling apart, cool completely, fry at a lowish temp (130C or so) until just starting to change colour (about 7-10 mins depending how thick you cut them), take them out and chill totally again or freeze for later use, then fry once more at 180C for a few mins to get them to perfect crisp and colour.

  20. How cool! Can you do it in an apartment??

  21. Yep, I have! Probably depends how sensitive your smoke alarms are, how tight your pan lid is, ventilation, etc., but it can definitely work

  22. Unfortunately you are likely going to struggle because of the fixed pay scale - you should know (or be able to look up) your current pay grade, I'd guess grade 7 point 1, and each year you'll automatically go up 1 point on that grade scale. Going beyond that will be very very hard without changing jobs, but if you manage it please do report back!

  23. Ah I will try! I read the grant proposal for the project I'm working on. It accounted for a postdoc salary £33-38k. I obviously got the lower end, it being my first job. However, there is room in the budget, i.e., the funding agency has allocated the money to the university to hire someone upto £38k, isn't it?

  24. Yeah, so £33-38k is Grade 7. The funding doesn't necessarily work like that, very much depends on where the funding comes from and a whole host of other factors, but there is likely scope to be mid grade 7 rather than bottom.

  25. It's a risk, but using a hot liquid will help minimise the thermal shock

  26. Did this last week France to UK with Ryanair no problem at all - if Ryanair dont care, nor will EasyJet. Enjoy your conference!

  27. Spiking a roast with garlic and herb absolutely works.

  28. Never seen it done to pork, but it's an absolute staple for roast lamb in the UK, and it definitely has a big affect

  29. Tea is used sometimes in foods, and does indeed give a nice subtle flavour, but why would they specify decaffeinated tea?

  30. Do you actually need to seperate them? Sounds like the peach wouldn't be particularly enjoyable to eat now, and the tea leaves are spent, so just strain all the solids out and dump them?

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