1. For those who’ve read James Howard Kunstler’s World Made By Hand series, the laundry became an important industry in his post apocalyptic world and it made sense. If youre toiling to grow crops, raise animals, and store food for subsistence with some home crafts for extra money or barter, dealing with laundry is just one more challenge. If water systems aren’t working and you’re hauling water for drinking and cooking, that’s a huge chunk of effort. The other thing that would go along with it well would be bath houses. Hell, in Rome they were essential in their culture and were second only to roads in matters of spreading their cultural influence.

  2. Good example, the very first conversation in the first book is focused on Loren telling the protagonist about his idea of opening a community laundry.

  3. It shouldn’t, because having the ability to commit a crime is different than actually committing a crime.

  4. In some jurisdictions, mere possession can be a crime. OP appears to be in Australia, so I don't know the laws there, but lockpicking websites like

  5. Since I recently learned you people have a town whose name is pronounced "Nakadish" when its spelling looks NOTHING like that, let me help you with our weird shit:

  6. I've often thought we should adopt the custom of everyone calling it either the Cat-Griz game or the Griz-Cat game depending on who the reigning winner is. In any given year, half the people I know think this is a great idea.

  7. Are you planning to build a house yourself, or be your own general contractor and hire subs, or hire a general contractor? There are good books about each of these processes, but they're not the same books.

  8. I'll second the Boy Scout Handbook. For a different approach focused on using everyday items in non-traditional ways, Creek Stewart is a well-regarded survival instructor, and you might like his book "Survival Hacks."

  9. Im in the same boat as you. Drew up some floor plans and have an idea of what i want, but if i go custom i will need to find an architect to create the blueprints. What are people paying for architects these days? Also ran across some building companies that have architects/engineers in house that will work with you on your plan. Not sure if this is more cost effective but would be nice “one stop shop.” Good luck on your building journey

  10. I'm near the end of working with an architect to design a custom house, and the total price is on track to be about $10K. It's a smaller house and I'd already drawn a floor plan as a starting point to show him what I wanted, so my cost might be lower than average. He's an independent architect, not part of a building company.

  11. Many post-apocalyptic books and movies have protagonists who are travelers, usually trying to reach family members or a rumored safe haven. However, these characters are protagonists because they're the 1% of travelers who didn't promptly get shot and robbed along the way, and that would be an even bigger risk for a trader traveling with valuable items. Plot armor beats body armor every time.

  12. I like Aldi because of their low prices, but I wouldn't take an empty shelf at Aldi as an indicator because various items at Aldi are always depleted at any given time, even if they'll have plenty of that item tomorrow. It's a result of their limited off-floor storage space and the fact that there's usually only one person stocking shelves, where both of these are aspects of how they keep their prices low. At any other supermarket I might worry about bare shelves indicating supply shortages, but that's always been common at Aldi in my experience.

  13. This observation gets attributed to a lot of people (though I hadn't seen it attributed to Lenin before), but

  14. Society collapsing beyond repair no governments can rebuild society.

  15. Thank you for defining it, but why XK? I've never heard that before and can't find anything relevant online.

  16. Google says it's an SCP project definition, so I guess

  17. OK, thank you. I knew it wasn't a military term and hadn't heard it in prepping circles, so my guess would have been a gaming term (maybe Extreme Kill, like TPK for Total Party Kill), but Google just kept giving me Jaguar models and Kosovo.

  18. I've been wanting to watch that, so I just checked to see where I could stream it. It's available in full on YouTube, but it's telling that it's also available to stream on Shudder, the horror movie service.

  19. Link didn't work on YouTube for me, but hopefully you find it. Everyone should watch it

  20. There seem to be a few different links on YouTube, but

  21. Since taste matters not… bulk wheat/rice/beans/noodles, cold-soak, eat as gruel.

  22. You might have had this in mind under nutrition or digestion, but for anyone who doesn't know, it's worth mentioning that some kinds of beans (most notably

  23. The key is ensuring a supply of dairy products and rennet.

  24. Interesting, I'd never heard of vegetable-based rennet, so I just did some research. Among other plants, it can be made from thistles and nettles, which grow in most temperate climates.

  25. I thought it was Golgotha? Or am I thinking of something else?

  26. They're the same place. Golgotha was the Aramaic name, while Calvary is an anglicized form of the Latin name. Both names mean "The Skull."

  27. I can't predict whether he'd accept this, but you can buy a Peppa Pig puppet for $5-$10. If that holds his attention and fills the same need, it's not only outage-proof but also creates a new way for you to interact with him while creating new stories.

  28. This one's more of a hack for how to practice. I once had training where we had to learn to tie various kinds of knots with our eyes closed (to simulate a smoke-filled, low-visibility environment) while also wearing thick leather work gloves (because that was our standard PPE). Tying knots without the feedback of sight or touch was great at building muscle memory, so I can still tie those knots under the same adverse conditions years later.

  29. I just installed a “Level Bolt” electronic deadbolt. Replaces the guts of your deadbolt, and can auto-lock at a time interval you set (30 sec …. 5 minutes ….). Lock / Unlock via app. Need to check that your lock is compatible. You cannot tell by visual inspection that there is an electronic lock installed. Other alternatives on the market. Got mine on sale during last Prime days.

  30. What's the advantage of timing it to lock 5 minutes after you leave instead of locking it when you leave?

  31. Another thing about salt is that it's a electrolyte believe it or not so in small quantities with water it helps you stay hydrated

  32. For the same reason, it's also useful if you get food poisoning. When I've gotten food poisoning overseas, I've rehydrated using a simple mix of water with salt and sugar. That replaced most of what my body lost and prevented the cramps that IMHO are the most painful part of food poisoning.

  33. The way you're asking it makes me wonder if this might be for a novel or screenplay, in which case Iceland and New Zealand are pretty good options with regard to climate change, pandemics, zombies, and nuclear war.

  34. I take it your car was stolen, not burglarized, so you're trying to prevent someone from stealing your car again. If so, a steering wheel lock (such as The Club) is cheaper than a gate and might be just as effective. But if you want to go the gate route, you could DIY a pair of deep-seated posts and put a heavy-duty chain across them with a heavy-duty lock. I emphasize heavy-duty because if you use a padlock that bolt-cutters can cut, it's wasted effort because you're less secure than if you'd used a steering wheel lock.

  35. For a local question like this, you might also try

  36. Ahhh okie dokie. I wasn’t sure. I remember years ago someone was talking about it and I thought it was polio. Thank you for not being mean. People can be so insensitive and cruel. Usually I don’t leave comments because there is usually one person that puts me down. I’m not always good at saying what I mean. Just not good at words. Small pox makes more sense. I was telling my hubby that it didn’t make sense if it was polio. That’s because it’s not! Lol. Once your kid starts to leave the nest it’s like everything else falls apart! Body and mind. God Bless!! Oh but there are probably some who aren’t vaxx’d if the parents don’t believe in western medicine or maybe just vaccines in general. Not here to debate whether that’s wrong or right. But it’s a reason. And I guess third world countries would go without saying.

  37. I know what you mean, some people on Reddit are unkind for no reason, and that makes the rest of us less inclined to participate. Reddit moderators should do more to enforce civility guidelines if they want a friendly, helpful platform. Have a wonderful weekend!

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