1. The more I hear, the less I like of Chris Pratt's Mario Voice.

  2. No I mean it sounds like they grabbed someone off the streets who isn't even a voice actor and told him to read a script.

  3. I think Take 2 owned that particular team, which probably helped. And they were probably cheap.

  4. If nothing else one has to admire the ruthless tenacity with which he digs himself deeper, at every possible opportunity.

  5. He'd probably be more shocked if he found out his son was only into women.

  6. Abraham Lincoln invented the Choke Slam and Teddy Roosevelt learned Judo after getting injured Boxing.

  7. Abe Lincoln being a pro wrestler is the least talked about part of his legacy.

  8. I'm sad Megas XLR is stilled pretty much owned by the IRS.

  9. Futurama really hit its stride when everyone leaned more into their personality traits instead of playing this more... grounded, I want to say? Fry works a lot better as a clueless weirdo than a straight man, at any rate.

  10. Farnsworth in the earliest episodes, when he was mainly a sleepy old man, was kind of dull. He got way better when they started leaning hard into the senile mad scientist angle.

  11. The Deep State meeting at their lair of evil in Mount Doom to ensure some random fucking superhero movies get badly reviewed.

  12. Some of these seem kind of cool, but others are just kind of... lame in terms of design and gimmick.

  13. "Before we retake Earth, it's vital we use our allied fleet to stage an orbital bombardment on the Batarian homeworld."

  14. Yeah I guess this looks pretty nice, no real complai- HOLY FUCK THEY GOT PAULINE.

  15. Kratos is being better. Everyone else is being worse and worse

  16. Even modern Kratos would be fucking bewildered by Ellie's actions at the end of TLOU2.

  17. Smashing into dudes at a 100 mph in the tank-sized Batmobile in Arkham Knight. It's okay the sides of the car are covered in tasers. And presumably the concrete sidewalks are actually made of rubber.

  18. Man, feels like every superhero had a mullet in that era.

  19. I think this can be a bit context dependent. There are some Free to Play games where the monetization isn't particularly bad or even all that noticeable.

  20. It's an odd source but I guess it's not hard to believe a comic writer would know other comic writers who know nerds who work in prop manufacturing.

  21. Truly one of the lines of dialogue ever written.

  22. Yoshikage Kira wants a quiet life. He's very passionate about maintaining said quiet life, wanting to be as tranquil as a garden plant. He doesn't want to take over the world, or even strive to be wealthy... he's quite content with his mundane office job.

  23. There’s a reason Kamoshida is considered the most cathartic villain in Persona 5 to take down.

  24. The whole 'the parents and upper faculty know, they just don't care as long as he gets results' thing was a very bitter note.

  25. I've heard people say the economics of ASOIAF are nonsense anyway.

  26. I feel like this is the least marketed Disney movie I've seen in recent memory.

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