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  1. Also from Vy: Hi Kaptain, Yatogod did reach out and has a plan to purchase usd 300k. And first of all, I think by commenting him “shit” does not speak he’s bullshitting but I’m disappointed about how you address him that way. Whether he’s gonna buy in or delays the buy, it’s his money. And even he bought many people like yourself already decided to tank the price with his purchase. When btc was at 42k, did I give you all the warning about 36k and 33k then 28k? Btc dictates the entire market movement. Is there any developer out there to tell you the truth about the market rather than we are going to the moon, and buy and kill two zeros and market cap hitting billions? No. I dont think so.

  2. Lol I don’t care about the drama happening in telegram. Is the vnet partnership scrapped, are they doing tournaments with our coin? I haven’t heard anything for months about this partnership.

  3. Well it’s never been scrapped, Robo received 2 million dollars but I have no friggin clue what’s going on with it. Btw I was just giving the peeps above me some info about the wallet and another bit of info, forgot all about your original post😂

  4. What was your outfit on your trip to the drop spot?

  5. I wore jeans and a t-shirt, my former boss lives across the street so I try to look like a contributing member of society when I’m out for the block to see

  6. I’m down with it! Would look cool with our current logo.

  7. Same, RBIF can be searched but cannot be added to watchlist in Coinbase app since June/July for me. Now it's back.

  8. Really? Are you on pro? I’ve always had it on my watchlist.

  9. no just normal coinbase. i also never had the Review option that you have, so i don't know why there are differences. lol

  10. I got in RBIF very early and sold 98% at ATH for like 8x. Seems like I made the right call.

  11. I don’t know if this article is saying what you want it to say. Some tokens have been holding strong in this market, maintaining value. Some have gone up and others have been absolutely flatlined at ATL for months.

  12. Then why are you here? Trying to be a Good Samaritan or are you just that much of a loser that you don’t have anything else to do?

  13. Drinking and quitting drinking. It’s all about the drink!

  14. Agree with some of the points made here. Selling a vision in this market is damn near impossible. I believe in the vision, just feeling a bit in the dark about it’s progress…?? I don’t think anyone would bitch about price if we had something to hang our hat on, and currently we don’t so… It’s a bit of a double whammy. I swore I’d hold for a year then reassess and that’s what I plan on doing. Just holding and hoping is all I’m good for currently.

  15. Well my bag is worth about 10% of what it was so no point in getting out. Got one project I’m in that’s up 20x this week everything else has gone to shit

  16. Lol, just shill it man, no need for the antics..

  17. I’m not necessarily opposed to another exchange mainly for the exposure and like you said a competing entity to BM, however the tokenomics were built upon reflections which was supposed to give us an everlasting burn effect and marketing funds until we decided to fork and do a major such as CB or Kucoin or even LBank. Then there’s also the cost to do so, do we have what it takes? I would think it’s doubtful given price action and marketing wallets not really receiving the % that I bet they thought it would at the start of this thing. I definitely don’t have the statistics to back anything up or even make a somewhat informed position or statement on it, but my gut tells me the BM is now a regrettable decision and doubt and uncertainty is being felt in the current state of the tokenomics. That could all change rapidly with some hype and marketing and big time with a deliverable product, but my rambling two cents anyway for what it’s worth.

  18. Thank you for the coherent and helpful response. Just looking for opinions and this is a good one.

  19. Lol! I’m not laughing at your misfortune but I’m pretty sure you said what everyone is thinking right now which struck me as funny.

  20. Track, and as long as it’s not me running it.

  21. Fiduciary duty? Depends on wtf your referring to. 😁

  22. Was there a broker involved? If so, they’ll find a way to blame you. Actually so will the shipper lol. It’s a shitty industry and this is one of the many reasons why. All I can say is good luck and sorry if it was me.😁. Just kidding I haul tankers, no docks for me.

  23. I think I’m in the “I need your fingernails cuz I’ve eaten all mine already” phase. I do believe it’ll all come back around for the better. I was just hoping for a nonstop, moist, warm journey. Instead of this bumpy, kind of warm, anal smelling journey.

  24. This was funny and even funnier is that he didn’t get the joke and doesn’t even know who Macron is!! Speaks volumes doesn’t it?? 😂

  25. I didn't see that 70T dump but I did see that one holder closed their position in three withdrawals over a three month period totalling 99t. That didn't make a dent in our price, it's' the market downturn and the crisis that BTC miners are having. We have over a 100 holders that hold hundreds of trillions, and many more with with tens of trillions that haven't sold a single RBIF. I'm trying to buy and am having problems with CBW which I don't understand. I like coinbase but if I have to start using Metamask so be it.

  26. Let me know if you need help. Do not respond to dm’s please. You can dm me and I can help if you’d like.

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