1. That's basically the plot of Dawn of War.

  2. Put them in the back of an ambulance chimera. Could do a topless variant, soft top variant, or an

  3. Aren't there instances where failed Space Marines are turned into servitors so they can still serve Big E?

  4. They can become chapter serfs to the space marines in most cases I think, willing servants to their space marine lords. I'm sure some chapters just lobotomize them and turn them into servitors for the lols though.

  5. I can actually see the knife missing, bouncing off the rubble and landing in his friend's leg JoJo rabbit style.

  6. What model is this? Please forgive my ignorance

  7. Number 12 in the league of votann army box, just a regular squadie that I shaved half the armour off and added some greenstuff to.

  8. Tell me about making beards, please.

  9. It looks like you could just get new helmets for them and use Cadians.

  10. scions worked better. and stormcast heads with sisters guns.

  11. I remember reading somewhere that part of the reason they were the masks is because they are so young.

  12. I think the entirety of it is that they've worn them their entire lives, and so actually have an incredibly weak immune system.

  13. Lamenter with binoculars: he's behind me isn't he?

  14. I originally found it through facebook on Steve Jacksons page, so facebook was useful for once!

  15. The parallels are really easy to draw on the Imperium side too, since there's so much of the same imperialism/satire in both.

  16. wild howling and gunfire kicking off on a atmos-breached transport voidship

  17. Should I keep the blocky shaped and make it look like he has robot legs or use tamiya putty to smooth it out and make it look like armor?

  18. Robot legs with massive space marine style shin guards.

  19. Looks like the round cooked off in the barrel and this is 1/100000th of a second after the detonation.

  20. Yeah well... i bought the kit before i realized that i wanted a warband that hate chaos and seek to enslave it instead of falling to its ruinous power.

  21. ..they're sat in my pile of shame 😅 part way through I fell to the call of chaos, and now have about 1000pts of Iron Warriors left to paint..

  22. Tbh, I just dug it out on wahapedia, just double checked the legends.pdf I have, which might not be totally up to date.

  23. Interesting that they're armed with P14 Enfields. Is this show set before WW2?

  24. It's set during WW2, I'd imagine it's just whatever the production crew could get hold of in enough numbers for cheap enough. Tis a British TV show after all, we're super tight.

  25. I really need to brave painting mine. The packaging is wrecked, so he needs to come out and join his chainsaw wizard friend (LE23)

  26. It's from ww2, the British home guard used it to deter the Germans, you can own your own miniature.

  27. So the image above I found was wrongly marked Israeli and this is that Mobile Pillbox thing? Or an Israeli copy of it?

  28. I was just being stupid, here's some Dad's Army education;)

  29. I'm currently designing my new hobby/gaming desk for my 'office' in the new house. Seeing the size of this is making me re-evaluate how big it needs to be 0_0

  30. The void of space is pretty chilly. Like, big coat on in the living room kinda cold.

  31. .. considering I've got one of your dudes half painted, this is great information to have. Can't wait to get back from holiday, sort my desk out and paint this Brodie IW bro.

  32. Most see this majestic dude on his beautiful horse, but all of us are like "Awesome mini. Now how can we bring him down to the real mud and grime and blood?" Krieg fans are awesome.

  33. Farriers looking at the feet thinking what kinda space shoes are these? Get some caulks and wedges on there boi.

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