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  1. I’ll do a summary incase anyone doesn’t feel like watching lol:

  2. It's one thing to say some of the costumes were inappropriate, but saying she was dressed like "a little hooker" is rude, demeaning, and embarrassing

  3. Thank you! I was not posting this to talk about costumes and what not, I was talking about the ‘little hooker’ comment.

  4. This is such a weird thing to say, lol. Like it’s not entirely wrong, but just so weirdly phrased and also, not something Sia should be saying publicly? Honestly, no one but Maddie herself should be commenting like this publicly. (What Sia said, I mean, not your comment lol. ‘Cause I agree.)

  5. Do we think it’s bc of her recent vid on Hailey’s YouTube channel??

  6. Yes, her and Hailey are also friends. Plus, she’s Eddie’s girlfriend, who is Justin’s protégée.

  7. Eddie does not have the same appeal as Justin did

  8. Oh I know that, I mean like since Eddie is kinda just starting out in the industry, so Justin took over like a mentor-ish role in his journey

  9. A hat is an accessory. Here you are making fun of someone’s physical appearance. Not the same thing lol.

  10. I don’t care, it’s just it’s low as fuck to make fun or judge someone’s physical appearance in the first place. Like how old are you lmao

  11. No idea. They just wrapped filming so I’m gonna assume it’s gonna probably be out next year.

  12. YES MADDIE!! i’m so proud of her for getting the lead in a film and i can’t wait to watch it when it comes out!

  13. This is so good for her acting career. I’m so excited for her!

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