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  1. We've been here for a while. We got super lucky when we found this place.

  2. Anybody else thinking the colors are brighter this year? Maybe the rain earlier in the year? I'm noticing a lot more bright reds and yellows from Maples and elms than in past years.

  3. Agreed. It beautiful out there.

  4. Question l: Trying not to bias answer:

  5. I have a chronic illness with a reading problem (different). I have kindle read to me and get audibles. It’s the only way it works. I still support authors, but I also get to enjoy.

  6. Interesting fact: a couple months ago a Harvard researcher used a virus to deliver stem cells to old mice, which reset the DNA in their hair and eyes ie de-aged their eyes and fur.

  7. Wow, that's cool. I'll look for an article on that.

  8. Try Day After Infinity - Between We Are Legend (We Are Bob) and Expeditionary Force

  9. Seven Eves is sort of that way (Don't read part 3 - it's awful).

  10. I disagree, part three is probably the most enjoyable part of the book as it is creative, interesting, and different. The first two portion are kind of just your standard disaster book stuff, but with Stephen’s own twist.

  11. Part 3 needed to be its own book. More fleshed out. Full of its own details. I wasn't invested in any of the people.

  12. I've honestly had more luck on Discord groups than on Reddit. Good luck - sounds like a decent novel.

  13. I, NANO - YA book with sci-fi/superheros

  14. In BV Larson Undying Mercenaries, they're called "tappers" as in you tap at them, though those were built into the arm.

  15. If you're looking for jargon, there's a bit in Expeditionary Force (

  16. Giant Frankenstein creatures that re-assemble life into other forms. Wherever it goes, it kills off the local life, then reconfigures and reanimates the dead body parts with electronic parts, converting them into slaves with various uses. A group of humans might become a many-legged, moving thrown or a flesh and electronics tank. It's a bit horror but could be interesting.

  17. I know this is a little late to the game, but I wrote a book with a first-person von Neumann probe: Day After Infinity:

  18. I know this is a little late to the game, but I wrote a book with a first-person von Neumann probe: Day After Infinity:

  19. Love your book! I bought the paperback on Amazon. You should start a subreddit for me to follow!

  20. I'm so glad you liked it. As per your suggestion, I just created a subreddit: /DayAI to discuss Day After Infinity.

  21. I’d be interested also, may I message? To inquire

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