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  1. My attention was grabbed by in-wall electrical being in conduit. How common is this where you’re at? I get the protection benefits but that seems overkill?

  2. Because I got to thread the film and run it. A/V club for life!

  3. I discovered Aquabats from their appearance on Yo Gabba Gabba, probably the most parent-humane children’s show in existence

  4. Plot twist: this is a young Edward Snowden giving the world a big ol hint

  5. This should be higher. The parcel at 51st and Pleasant Valley was slated for development when they redid the rest of that area as a Phase 2. The owner decided that the ‘retail landscape’ changed and has decided to leave it empty for years, and refused to build housing on it. At least as far as I know that’s the situation. It’s a greedy developer, out of Boston I think, definitely out of state

  6. Interesting background on the plot. Thanks for that. Back in 2018 when I was touring the senior housing across the street from it they said something about a new shopping area going in with a theater but that never emerged

  7. Hard agree with SF being a tough market for design agencies. The competition with local product companies has been insane. To the point either larger agencies opt to get acquired (happened to me) or they shut down their SF location.

  8. Used to hum the A-Team theme to my son when he was a baby. Would calm him right down.

  9. When I replaced my shower (did the plumbing and hardibacker myself) I wanted to get a permit because I didn’t want to rip out the new tile if they needed to look at the plumbing.

  10. You could use a magnet to find areas that have nails/screws in close proximity. That’s the seam

  11. We’re going to dance that pimp right out of town!

  12. If “Emergency!” (1975) taught me one thing it’s not to drop the pull tab into the beer. Choking hazard.

  13. Talking about this last night with a friend. When you picture yourself now, it is not what you actually look like. What you actually look like is much older.

  14. Why don't you use the dd app? It's more efficient for all involved. I deliver full time and when anyone orders from the restaurant site it's annoying and you can't see details of order to know if theyve given you everything.

  15. Primarily because the DD app doesn’t give the same options as the chipotle app. I can’t have rice/beans. DD requires a choice, Chipotle app gives a “none” option.

  16. Dad would tell stories of his mother taking the kids to the dry goods store to let them pick out the pattern they wanted for their shirts

  17. Agree. The steak looks like reheated pre-cooked strips. Super chewy and bland.

  18. Once heard a story of way back in the day individual Chipotle’s used to create their own free burrito coupons. One place created thousands that had 0 conditions on them (no expiration date, no location restrictions, no restrictions how many could be used at the same time, etc). Apparently it caused a big headache for a while for all the stores.

  19. Dentist on my street gave out dental kits with these on Halloween. The calamity that befell that poor house

  20. Anyone else getting “powerpuff girls all grown up” vibes?

  21. We had a version called “pinball” with each team had a bowling pin at the back of their side. Other team knocks it over with a ball, game is over. So you put your best catcher in front of the pin.

  22. I received an email from Net Nanny (yeah it’s still a thing) that they received my request to remove restriction software from my 7year olds PC because I forgot my password.

  23. Have you tested touching the wires to the button together on their own? If it doesn’t work then you may have to check continuity of the wires

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