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  1. Hit it with 2 more transfers till you see consistent rhizo growth (strong ropey growth)

  2. Where would you take from? All looks fairly consistent to me

  3. The fact that it's in a baggie says yes. Would I trust something that I found on the ground?... Also yes, those who dare win!

  4. This looks as if it was done in Microsoft paint, kinda reminds me of 'Jim'll paint it'

  5. Sounds like you’re doing everything correct, not sure why you’re getting bacterial blobs on your dishes. I would try looking on the shroomery or phillygt on YouTube or recipes to do your own dishes. just continue trying till your sterile technique get better. Agar work can be an ass pain to get the hang of, but extremely rewarding.

  6. I've been thinking about getting into pouring my own agar but I want to master contam first. One step at a time kinda thing, ya know. I think when I did my grain jars before it worked out kind of alright in terms of sterilization so maybe I should just go for it

  7. I would because I had more issues buying prepoured dishes than when I did my own using plastic ketchup cups. I just open pour like 30 and maybe only get contam in 2 and it’s wayyyy cheaper.

  8. Looks great! Did you do anything to the foil prior to the print or just straight off the roll?

  9. Space shrooms! 🍄🚀👽 The green colour really makes it

  10. People are so shit for reclining etiquette on planes. I had coffee spilt all over my lap on a long haul flight once, just after they served it to me

  11. Rhizomorphic growth, the stringy white things instead of fluffy white things (tomentose). They’re both OK but this sub likes rhizo cause it’s more photogenic and a preconception that it’s stronger.

  12. Another benefit is that it's easier to identify rhizo as mycelium rather than spending time questioning whether tomentose is mould or not... For us inexperienced growers that is

  13. Is OP smoking truffles? Is that a thing or is that just a doob

  14. Halo 3. Incredible story and thrilling gameplay. Hilariously fun multiplayer. Fantastic community. Nostalgia.

  15. Do all these agar trays look good to use and not contaminated as they all look different? Should I just use one tray and split it into say 6 pieces and add 3 pieces to each of the two spawn bags?

  16. I'm no expert, far from it, but they all do look contam free to me 👍

  17. Would this be good to transfer to a mono tub or would it be best to g2g first?

  18. g2g. Usually i used 1 jar for 7 1-qt jars but you could do more. And then 2 of those jars can seed 14 more jars. Normally I only use 5 jars for 66 qt monotubs

  19. Awesome, thanks for the answer. I'm planning on leaving a jar in the fridge for future use too

  20. Unrelated, I know, but what strain did you use and what was your yield like? I'm soon to start my first 🤞🙂

  21. So I did one tub of GT and one tub of APE. I will update you on the yield once I dry everything!

  22. I figured he was Australian because of the southern cross tattoo 😂

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