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  1. I had a ten year old Paypal account get closed over a dispute of $1.99

  2. Hijacking the top comment to share why the card was refused in the first place. Useful for anyone using the card in SG or HK from Payrnet (your card provider is written on the back of your card).

  3. If you're based in HK, more than likely, you have a Payrnet SG card which means that it wouldn't work on Paypal (because foreign SG cards can't be used on paypal)

  4. Thanks !! This is exactly what I have been looking for. A clear explanation on why Paypal is refusing the card ! Tried several support rep at

  5. In the end Plex server is working great, I've been using it without any issue and it has a lot more features than videostream.

  6. Wow ok, it's around 7600 locations across China

  7. Hi. I applied more than 2 months ago, also from HK.... And the address verification is still pending... They said that actually the address is approved in their system but they didn't change it on the app because"currently" they are changing their card issuer + there are too new customers. At least the customer support told me this week that I could apply to the Spotify refund if I give them the invoice (because the stacking has started for 2 months already). I will try... Any disappointed about CPC communication.

  8. I see, doesn't look too good, I'll keep asking the support and keep this thread updated. What card level are you?

  9. thanks for your answer, does your card work like advertised (cashback, etc)?

  10. His mix is 40% Labrador Retriever, 30% Rottie, and 30% Terrier.

  11. Wasn't he supposed to come back around September? I'm a bit worried about him.

  12. Also, allow the card to be used on Google pay ffs

  13. What is cdc stance on that? Why isn't google pay available?

  14. Wait until they announce their new IP, people will just be hyped again. Regarding cdpr, it's true that it's changing, but I'd rather having them trying out new IP, rather than going full Bethesda on w3.

  15. How can I filter out any post linking to this spam news site.

  16. Currently there is no exchange in the US. Due to be launched Q4.

  17. Do you know when it will be launched in APAC?

  18. The company has still a very solid balance sheet even with Cyberpunk not in the PS Store they have net income... In the long term it is a great investment

  19. I agree, considering the relatively bad quarter and the dividend date now behind us, the price is still going sideways. Imo a very good sign and shows that the sell pressure has dried up.

  20. Cyberpunk was a colossal profit. With a 14 PE ratio, CDProjekt is the best investment you could make in the gaming industry right now.

  21. The results are pretty good ($303M profit), but what is recently happening with the market cap of CDPR is kind of insane. 4 funds (or even more hidden under the 0,5% level) are simply creating the price as they wish. Poland stock exchanged is a small market so it is even easier to manipulate the price. Of course, some analysts predicted a little more profit but they did that when the price was at around 400PLN level not 180 PLN.

  22. I agree with you, the company is undervalued.

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