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  1. Just do some rehab work 1-2 times this week. Might help with achy joints

  2. 2 full body days should give you plenty of time to recover.

  3. I’m sure there’s another explanation coming but I believe the recommendation is 5 cycles forward and 3 back. Meaning lower your training maxes 3x what the normal increase. So if you go up 2.5 kg, you would lower 7.5 kg and start over.

  4. Yeah, go back to C2 weights and go for rep pr's.

  5. Then goblet squats for a finisher might be an option.

  6. When will you start boxing? How often will you do boxing training?

  7. I'm going to get my running up from 4km once a week to 5km every other day over the next 2months, before I start boxing. I'm a gradual progress kind of guy, and also think that my cardio will be the biggest hindrance to boxing.

  8. Your are overthinking it imo. If it's 1-2 times a week, just join boxing gym and have fun. Maybe buy a heavy bag and get a few extra sessions in 1-2 times a week.

  9. Candles don't predict the future, they just show previous price action.

  10. Thank you! Its the 624m silver polished from BMW. But they‘re really sensitive. Got a lot of scratches although I‘m really careful

  11. Anchors and leaders were not a thing when running "Vanilla", so if you've been doing PR-sets only and no supplemental there is not a great Anchor to run. Apart from doing Jokers maybe?

  12. Then I guess capping your PR-sets and doing Jokers for one cycle would be a great Anchor.

  13. You probably could bridge to L1 and then send to CEX.

  14. Template called 'more squatting', 5 days a week though. Negative birth BBS,

  15. Negative Birth is the funniest name for a program I’ve ever heard, if that’s what you meant.

  16. Transfer it every place I could to earn an interest rate on it then drag my heels giving back making it clear that I will comply in due course. Keeping it for just 6 months getting 5% means you made well over a million on it when you give it back.

  17. That's not how maths work. 5% on 7 mill does not equal well over a million.

  18. Whoops, thought they got 68 million when I did the math.

  19. You might be right. I took your advice and just tried SLDLs today for my 5x10. I pulled sumo for my 5/3/1 sets (barely felt it in my back at all) and then on the SLDLs I really tried to emphasize hamstring/glute activation.

  20. Wide stance sumo might be an option, I did a few 531 cycles with them and, while often with regular DL I feel it mostly in my lower back, sumo stance I felt mostly my legs and hips doing the work.

  21. Beyond 531 training maximally template 8, con clavi con Dio, and most of the full body templates done twice a week might fit your goals.

  22. Keep de 1+ sets, drop the fsl sets on deadlift to a lower % which you can finish easy .

  23. One of the best exercises no one is doing. 💪

  24. Protein is overrated, calories are underrated.

  25. I swear whenever someone says that something massive is going to happen or a new game changer is coming , almost nothing happens

  26. Currently trying to use the same 3 assistance exercises for every training day for an entire cycle. I will switch them up after 3 weeks are done. Just started a new cycle and the plan is to do pullups, front squats and dips every session.

  27. Btm or Morning Star. Morning Star also has you do squats and cleans.

  28. European Fanta tastes 100 times better

  29. European fanta is a myth. It seems every European country gets a different version.

  30. It's normal that a 1liter bottle is twice the ammount of a 300cl can for example

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