1. Apparently, debates, campaigning etc are no longer necessary; just hide and win.

  2. if he worked for abc its probably because he had a hard drive full of CP

  3. im old enough to remember the extremely inflationary CARES act of 2020 that created 20-something percent more money than existed and injected into the economy. The market doesnt correct itself overnight. Thats not to say Biden isnt exacerbating it and making all the wrong decisions, though.

  4. elon's companies have received over a trillion dollars in government money.

  5. Idk Joe’s crime bill locked millions of people in jail for possessing drugs that his son was doing and possessing copious amounts of and not ever getting in trouble for. I get hypocrisy means nothing to a liberal, but this type of hypocrisy does mean something to those impacted by these laws (ie black people)

  6. I’m old enough to remember when the CARES Act of 2020 printed more money than was ever printed before and directly injected it into the bank accounts of the wealthiest and most connected people. If this was a Republican President I’m sure they’d be doing pretty horrible too bc they are big-government, money-printing clowns just like the Demoncrats.

  7. Cutting those treads 45 are a pain in the neck w little room for error. Other comment is spot on.

  8. Nah, he doesn't want to be imprisoned or killed by the U.S. government for exposing their criminal activity.

  9. never forget the sean hannitys of the world who wanted this guy dead for exposing the crimes of big government.

  10. by blaming it on Russia and then quietly admitting to it later, if we're all not dead.

  11. you could go over them but I would remove them. Doesnt look like you have enough space to lay on top of them anyway, or your pavers wont be flush against your the top of your retaining board.

  12. Yeah definitely no room to lay on top. Removing them has been hard. Do you think I could just saw them out?

  13. saw a few inches away from the ends and remove as much as possible at once and then just notch out whats in the way of the pavers. make sure your base dirt layer is pitching away from any structures

  14. It is missing interlock. With continuous lines and no stagger it is inherently weaker than if it even had a running bond. Besides that, if it's flat and pitched the correct way, good job.

  15. compaction is the original interock.

  16. if it is compacted and has the proper amount if fines/stone dust in it so that it makes a true pad, and doesnt have collections of stone w/o dust (which could allow water to stagnate), and you put the proper pitch to it, it should be fine. I wouldnt worry about it. Crusher run/hardpack can be raked around again pretty easily. What you want to worry about is organic shit like leafs and grass getting in there in the meantime.

  17. bullshit and stupid. Evil maniac Donald Rumsfeld was beating the army over the head in that speech because he wanted to revolutionize the military and fund the Air Force and not the army. Why not just not mention it, like all the other massive boondoggles being financed by the taxpayer? You dont need to blow up your own buildings to cover up something you could have just not mentioned in the first place.

  18. Maybe I’m too average and have too many bills to comprehend why I need to start hyperventilating about Taiwan. Clearly you see things I’ll never understand. Maybe you’re just way above my pay grade.

  19. the worst gatekeepers and globalists are on the right.

  20. yeah whatever happened in penn sucks. i buy stone from india and install in the north east. ask for product specs/ if there's a warranty/ etc.

  21. When did Stewart start looking like the homeless methhead who hangs out by the convenience store?

  22. my man can’t stop sucking dick for 10 minutes even when he knows a highly virulent virus is circulating. Nice

  23. youre not a hot stud so you wouldnt understand 🤷

  24. put all whites up against the wall

  25. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised with how far down the quality has fallen with their content.

  26. only way i can tell its fake is that theyre white

  27. "afghanistan was under control" my ass. Fake ass government America installed was falling apart no matter what. Biden handled it in the worst way possible, I'll give ya that.

  28. America forgot the USS Liberty, they can forget about the foreign agent working for WaPo who got chopped up by MbS. If they can forget about dead sailors, they can forget about that guy.

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