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  1. You need to take better pictures, but what I can see you don't look bad. Try not sticking out your tongue on every photo and use better angles.

  2. That’s been known for years. Especially in Brazil and triangle countries.

  3. I am not surprised but is he the Grand Poobah?

  4. I think that’s DeSantis though I suspect he’s the grand wizard of the Florida chapter.

  5. "Clearly you have either have no problem with racism, economic warfare by American interests, and imperialism."

  6. You’re not arguing in good faith. I already cited the facts with the caveat we can’t trust every news source without comparing and contrasting with what the locals have stated. Truth is that Jeanine Añez was tried for a coup. The facts stand that Morales won legitimately and while we may not agree with the Bolivarian Supreme Court, they found he could run again if his people wanted him to. Democracy prevailed because the people wished to have him rule and extend his presidency beyond his original term limit.

  7. My brother in Christ, the Al-Jazeera article that you yourself linked reports that the vote to extend term limits was voted down by a 51.3% majority. And then he did it anyway. That is not democracy. And the only claim you made that you’ve backed up with reliable sources such as the guardian is the claim that the US said “hey, this election definitely wasn’t legit”, as did literally everyone else with half a brain on planet earth, because like…duh - and that included the Bolivian opposition, who then removed him from power.

  8. I literally told you that the article had an error and you ignored it. Read the Supreme Court decision that gave Morales the right to run again. Do you not read the context? The article had a flaw because there’s nuance people who don’t live in Bolivia and other parts of Latin America don’t understand. It’s like a broken record. Manufactured consent which biases our perspective and even good news sources can be wrong in one part and right in another. Again read what I wrote earlier. Have a good day!

  9. Depends. It’s not a deal breaker, but guys who tend to wear nail polish can have obnoxious attitudes and be overly flamboyant. Which is fine, but not something, I’m attracted to.

  10. Garrosh wanted to consolidate the Northern Eastern Kingdoms under the Horde and to do that they needed Gilneas as a central port hub.

  11. Excuse me for my ignorance.. How do you cheat in chess..?

  12. It’s been rumored that the young man was using a vibrator connected to an app which remotely would tell him what moves he should do anally. I’m not making it up. Apparently that’s what he’s being accused of.

  13. Damn, we fuckin’ with Cuba still? How do we not know this here at home?

  14. That’s what the empire wants it’s citizens to think. It’s called manufactured consent.

  15. People it’s by 2035! Relax you won’t have to worry until next decade. The auto industry will have to change by then and they’re on trajectory to doing so.

  16. By 2035, you have another decade to figure it out.

  17. No one one the far left argues for merit based results. Marxists and anarchists argue for a single wage, the abolition of money altogether or labor vouchers which are based on time worked.

  18. That’s not true. Late 19th century socialists absolutely hated aristocratic nepotism where the name meant more than their personal abilities and the favoritism of family/university/friend connections over merit based decisions on who gets promotions at work and positions in government etc.

  19. Ron DeSantis is in trouble! Hopefully he will be prosecuted both in Texas and federally.

  20. Why do you view it as rational? In other words, why is guilt a reasonable feeling to have based on your broader view of morality and moral culpability?

  21. If you are learning that grandpa was a kkk member and used to lynch black and brown people or that great grandpappy killed a dozen Indians to steal their lands and nearly drove the Buffalo to near extinction. That might cause you to feel shame. Maybe you find out your great great grandfather owned slaves. That may make your stomach turn to learn such truths. Is it wrong to teach the truth? No!

  22. Doesn’t even have to be as bad as being a KKK member or killing Indians. My grandpa straight up told me he moved my mom’s family out of NYC and into the suburbs on Long Island in the 1960s specifically to get away from all the Black people. This is a man I’ve never heard utter the n-word in my life.

  23. Exactly! I know plenty of older white people who will call themselves tolerant, but when you ask them about black and brown people moving to their neighborhood, expanding the social safety net and creating low income housing suddenly it’s clear their “tolerance” has limits.

  24. I think many of these comments and assumptions about conservatives are way off. I hear things like religion, domination and lack of cooperation. I’m a moderate, with many friends that are also moderates, some leaning right. None of us are religious, all are pro choice (with limits) and are very tolerant of others. Now I know there are extremist on both sides but this generalization isn’t accurate.

  25. The problem with moderates is that you guys don’t see the hypocrisy of conservatives and their ideologies as inherently and fatally flawed. You assume they are negotiating in good faith or their positions of economics and social issues have valid reasons. They do not, because accountability is the last thing they ever truly want or enforce, when in power.

  26. Absolutely spot on. Very descriptive way to elucidate the very obvious fact that Conservative policies simply suck, and they have been on the wrong side of most issues for many, many years. They seem absurdly resistant to science and common sense, and don’t seek to enact any sort of legislation focused on championing the average citizen or improving/addressing real issues the country faces. “Accountability for individual actions” never seem to apply to their side, only the left.

  27. Thank you! I understand where the idea of being fair and accountable comes from. I don’t know anyone whether left or right who wouldn’t agree to the broad ideas, but when we go into details that’s when the flaw comes to light and one ideology simply isn’t compatible with those values when vetted by their actions. The progressives at their best have a consistent basis for enacting fairness, equal justice and values accountability. They adhere to it. I’ve yet to see conservatives in my whole life do the same in a manner which is conserving this value.

  28. Be honest with him and tell him what happened. I’ve been with my partner for 8 years. Tell him what happened and that you didn’t follow through with the act.

  29. The layers of bullshit is insane, and can only leave you wondering if conservatives care that they lie.

  30. It shows their hypocrisy but I don’t think they care or realize how crazy they come off as. Not to mention racist.

  31. We’ve actually been to Dalaran where you see how mail is teleported and sent to mailboxes where we can access them. There was a mini quest where you get a toy summoning mailroom worker gnome.

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