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  1. I don't know how many sessions it takes, but it's definitely not two. I felt no relief.

  2. DMT occurs naturally within the brains and other organs of mammals, including you. It’s a tryptamine that has no lethal effects or even health consequences. Unless you fear death by astonishment.

  3. I don't think it has been definitively proven yet. If it has, I'd like to see the evidence.

  4. You're suffering. Deep down, you are using weed to soothe yourself. I think suffering is related to past traumas or physical illnesses in most cases. If you have enough courage, stop smoking, and fully experience the thing that is causing you pain; it could be emotional or physical. You may be able to find more positive coping mechanisms, or you'll realize that weed isn't that bad given the circumstance. It's different for everyone.

  5. Are you saying that most epileptic seizures go through the same sequence of events that I mentioned in my earlier post?

  6. I’m saying that it is not uncommon in epileptic seizures.

  7. TBH I hate getting unsolicited calls. Unless I'm actively looking for a service, leave me alone.

  8. Traveling horizontally at that speed? Not doubting it could be though.

  9. https://www.rgj.com/picture-gallery/news/2022/06/14/steves-palace-see-inside-sparks-home-viral-zillow-steve-lanskys-modern-day-roman-palace-sparks-nv/7617374001/

  10. He's like the white version of the Indian guy with the 24k gold shirt lmao

  11. If your 'friends' make you feel like shit after every interaction, it's time to drop them. Don't give into the sunk cost fallacy, and believe that you should just tough it through just because you've known them for a long time. Life's too short for that bs.

  12. Who’s wants a wager…. I bet it doesn’t collapse

  13. I don't know. There's a lot of office furniture in there. /s

  14. When you look into a mirror and see your reflection, who is the one doing the seeing?

  15. Try putting the increment operator after the variable (e.g. playerScore++ instead of ++playerScore) Using it before or after will have different effects.

  16. My take which is hated on this sub has always been that we should simply acknowledge that they are going through something deeply troubling that we can't understand and thank God that we aren't experiencing such an identity crisis ourselves.

  17. I think gender identity crisis are related to some form of childhood trauma for sure. Perhaps an issue relating to mom and/or dad.

  18. I think of consciousness as a radio signal, and drugs/chemicals are substances that disrupt/alter it.

  19. If you're careful, you could try removing the pick guard and applying some low heat with a heat gun to straighten it out.

  20. Is there any other chance i could do it? Its brand new. just arrived from the store. I really wouldn't risk it

  21. Don't do anything you're not comfortable doing. If you just bought it, you may be able to return it for another one.

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