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  1. Is it better to play on controller or keyboard? Just asking since I have both.


  3. its on rutor. you can find it on the home page but not if you search tho

  4. Yes it’s normal if you running on nvidia dGPU constantly. Try changing to the integrated iGPU (power button light will be whitish). This will give you an extra hour or more. The power light is orange when you’re using the dGPU.

  5. Can you guide me how can I change to Integrated GPU

  6. Hi can we provide any labelling or sentiment analysis services for your company?

  7. But all the zeroes will be gone by end of year due to hyperburn

  8. No reflections in gate. And they charge like 2 billion to transfer out

  9. Ya that's kind of sad, I'm stuck in there. I used Gate io instead of coinbase or others to avoid Gas fee.

  10. How to get started with Yougov? Is this legit? Can I earn money?

  11. Received yesterday at 5:08 PM. I'm from India.

  12. Last month I got paid on 7th October.

  13. I've made 20$ from UHRS quadrant resource (Yet to be paid), but when will I get the payment? It's still in my UHRS report. When will the amount get transfer to quadrant account or do they deposit directly to bank? I'm from India.

  14. Direct in bank...u will get in around 10th-15th of this month...

  15. Same doubt, can I give same bank account for both

  16. That can cause trouble I guess. These platforms capture your IP address. You can create ID's on other vendors like Teem work, Clickworker, activate your Paypal and Payoneer as you are allowed to access UHRS through other Vendors.

  17. I've doubt, can I create 2 Quadrant resource account and work on 2 uhrs platforms and give same payment bank details for both?? Please reply, I'm new here.

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