1. Can I ask how much it cost to mint on algorand?

  2. Minting in general, costs 0,0004 cent atm.

  3. I see, seems last year's dreams are this year's nightmares, harmony algo Tron etc

  4. Follow the right delivery process and screen the left at door image sent.

  5. They learned it here and told 2 friends...

  6. Some days they jack up the pay but choose stores that are farther away to make it look "reasonable. IC is gouging customers who think it's from the nearest store when it's loaded up on a triple and far away.

  7. Expelled from the Church, hunted and killed for their "science and math".

  8. It's like they are both looking at you lol

  9. I guess they won't have fries with that. Tee he hee

  10. Multi App Start at the drop and don't go home till at least a hundos IC turns the taps on and off I'm just come out if dry spell myself..

  11. Run a few apps on your phone? Or Start at the drop 7am?

  12. We know that and even promoted it until this guilt laden strategy was dropped on it for everyone around you....while people still drive cars alone with a mask on and window up...ridiculous.

  13. Totally throttled into oblivion while buddy in same town is hitting $400 a day...why kill 5 stars?!? Why????

  14. So tired if it...just keep me in a car burning gas

  15. See, fidji did say they don't do $7 batches to shoppers ../s

  16. Oh I'm on my way...right away...sir.../s

  17. The HALDRON COLLIDER!!BUT NOT FAST ENOUGH TO NOTICE THEY EITHER GENERATED or DISCOVERED THE FIRST BLACK HOLE OR BLACK MATTER...THE DATA WAS BOTH NOTICED AND ANNOUNCED BY...FERMI LABS, LOCATED OUTSIDE OF CHICAGO!!! Fermi Labs is a sister facility to CERN.. it receives the data (numerical translation) pertaining to that which CERN both generates and revives must have been a full moon or some solstice ..or maybe they were sacrificing some junior physicist....I don't know how they missed their opportunity to announce to the world that the first matter, or void .." was either produced ( my vote) or discovered.

  18. Nope. JC will appear before the flash. Science will be checked. Man will never conquer G-d.

  19. Also a 5 and only see garbage far away.

  20. I’m not driving 20 miles for a $9 order. Especially after the passed few weeks I was seeing all kinds of $20-$30 orders pop up and then boom. Super frustrating

  21. If I see anything it's garbage like left overs from the trough others see. I don't even see Costco while other shoppers see juicy...

  22. I keep getting it from a vaxxed roommate. Or at least feel weird around him.

  23. Hey thanks, just seeing what else is out there....

  24. I'm 5 star unfortunately...and that used to refund but not this says refunds are not allowed for this item.

  25. Used to be able to add or remove...

  26. Lol you really think they destroy drugs??

  27. The Saudis were pissed that the usd is actually worthless and that the us is sitting in the world's largest oil reserve.

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