1. You’d have negative equity and would be stuck on the variable rate

  2. It’s still classed as a remortgage but in my experience, there are no valuations or affordability checks. Just fill in some pages online and away you go. Worth double checking with your mortgage provider though.

  3. This could well be tested in the next few months. Affordability checks are easy to roll over from a lender’s perspective if the rates on offer are broadly similar (eg. Within 1%). We are entering a time when rates could jump from ~1% to ~5%. Nothing stopping a lender adopting a more cautious posture

  4. Yeah good point that wouldn’t surprise me. Best to get in touch with the lender.

  5. £2500 is the price the average household will pay, you can definitely get charged more than that.

  6. Put your numbers though this tool:

  7. If it makes you feel better that’s what I’d do. JISA, all cap, set and forget. Over 18 years that’s going to build up very nicely, especially compared to premium bonds unless they get very lucky.

  8. Conker battle to the death obviously. Last conker standing is the one true conker

  9. You’ll be paying the new price cap wherever you go so it doesn’t matter

  10. Isn't inflation atm at ~5%? So if the interest is less then isn't that a real terms loss? Would people not be better off investing in property/shares/gold/anything that won't depreciate?

  11. Emergency funds shouldn't be invested though. It's a real terms loss, but it reduces that loss.

  12. Most these accounts let you put in like 1-3k lol.

  13. Don't come here. It's an absolute shit hole. Plus before long workers are going to have no rights.

  14. Talking out of your arse a bit there aren't you? Could have picked some genuine valid reasons but decided to make some up instead

  15. As long as you set up another standing order for the difference between the costs, there’s no downside. The only potential downside was that you forget/get lazy and stop overpaying so you end up paying more interest.

  16. Piggy backing on to this just to say the only other thing to be aware of is to not fall foul of the usual 10% overpayment limit. Obviously won’t be a problem for the vast majority of people though.

  17. General question on the 10% limit. How is that calculated?

  18. For both of the mortgages I've had it's been 10% of the outstanding balance that year. Some may be different but I'm pretty sure that's the norm.

  19. Mains fed tap water yes, I’m guessing but it sounds like yours could be fed from a tank where the water sits for a while and can get a bit stagnant.

  20. And perhaps have a dead pigeon or two floating in it

  21. So you're going out with Henry VIII? You could adopt a boy but tbh it sounds like a strange thing to be concerned with so just that would worry me if I was in your shoes. Weird name stuff aside, you need to decide if you're actually on the same page relationship/kid wise.

  22. As counterintuitive as it seems, you want to be buying equities when they're doing bad, especially if looking at a long timeframe. Savings might win out in the short term, but during that time you're missing out on cheap shares. Remember that bad years are already accounted for in the average 7% return that is generally accepted.

  23. $60 a year more or £54.94 a year really isn't much but if its a trend then that could be worrying, aslong as the property market remains stable in China, without checking anything at all, is China doing well as far as property based retirement investments go?

  24. Had a google and my predicted searches with 'china' are property crisis, debt crisis and there's also a demographic crisis so that looks like a no.

  25. Not much of a fair comparison when including all the poorer parts of Europe in with the UK. Using that source, median wealth of china was roughly $27,000 and the UK was $141,000.

  26. Why wouldn't you continue to use a LISA if buying a house is the goal? As long as you are under the £450,000 limit there's nothing better out there.

  27. There’s no trying to argue your point on that particular sub as you get banned for going against their narrative and people don’t really want a debate, just to mean.

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