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  1. I also got that same poster hanging in my room. I’m actually planning to redecorate my room with new posters, from artists from a local art gallery, band posters or posters from cons. But that one is the one poster I can’t take down. No matter what, it’ll always be up in the room. Too much sentimental value to take down. I should get it framed.

  2. it comes out when it hits your bank account. i dont believe anything the school says.

  3. Damn, RIP, love Nemesis and Marshall Law. I put it up there as my favorite comics ever and a lot of it was cause of his art work. One of my favorite comics artist ever.

  4. bloober team on this confirms that i am really living in my own silent hill

  5. if bloober team is on this project, i’m gonna drop to my knees in utter defeat

  6. You just know it man. Luckily, there’s said to be 2 different studios working on games, so we could very well get a different one.

  7. it probably is but if it’s confirmed to be bloober i’m just gonna finally install the SH2 PC restoration and play it

  8. From the marketing of Deadpool 2 I would not be surprised if Hugh Jackman only shows up for one scene and never seen again

  9. You think they'll leave DP3 news in dead silence for a while after the Fox merger, and drop a massive teaser to include Hugh Jackman, with big claw marks on the logo, and only have a bit part?

  10. Nemesis is one of the worst comics I’ve ever read. Only topped by the actual worst Mark Millar story, The Unfunnies

  11. I hate that book so much that I sealed it away deep in my mind and now I remember it’s existence from you mentioning it.

  12. I would wait for a reissue. better QC and paint, and fixed stripes. maybe even they’ll readjust the claws. i love MAFEX for the comic figures but 150 might be pushing it for resale. but it’s on you if you want it now or willing to wait.

  13. well, it’s no “eat a obscene amount of food in one sitting” challenge for a game award.

  14. yea me too. last year i got grants and now it’s only loans. i did the FASFA form and now i’m not sure what to do now.

  15. This show has become so bad. Leftist propaganda is forced into every episode and not in a subtle way, they just throw it in your face with a giant slingshot. They keep implying in their dumbed down childish ways that anything remotely right-wing = Nazi/racist etc.

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