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  1. Pack and Paddle has groups for outdoors excursions.

  2. I would definitely check out HeadKicks! They also have an Acadian Krav Maga.

  3. Happening to me too! However I got off birth control last year at 24 and I thought I was just more in time with my cycle and my hormones. I literally have acne everywhere again, I can feel when I ovulate, and I want to settle down and have a baby!!! Also my taste in men changed too but I attributed all this to getting off the birth control, but now I see it may be an age thing too. I'm also 25 btw! I'll be 26 in January

  4. Sounds like it's mostly the birth control. Same thing happened to me. I stopped birth control about seven months ago and along with those synptoms (except I don't want a baby), I have acne all over my back. πŸ˜…

  5. Girl me too! Acne all over my lower face, chest, and back 😭😭😭 however if this is the worst part I guess thats fine. It just sucks going thru puberty again at this age

  6. Discipline, patience, learning to slow down and not push myself when sick/injured, it's taught me how to listen and feel my body. I feel learning all this at my age of 25 will help me in life in general. It's taught me to care for myself in many ways and that's important to me and my overall health

  7. I'm sure it will. Remember voodoo used to always be a mud pit Halloween weekend so I'm sure it's coming, my patience cher. Enjoy the nice nice weather we have!!

  8. Same. I didn't wear makeup to my own wedding. I like the anominity of a big city too. I can just where whatever and no one blinks an eye! Don't change for a town and don't change for a judgey family member. Weddings however... I like to think that when you attend a wedding ceremony your attendance is part of a gift you are giving the couple. I weigh the wishes of the couple alongside societal norms and my comfort. I have attended casual weddings in jeans but I have also put on makeup and heels in very special cases. It was only for a few hours. One time the groom was so shocked and flattered. I told him it was a sign I loved him and wanted him to be happy. I wear hiking boots home.

  9. Yeah that's kinda how I feel about going to the wedding, I feel like I should do my hair(with what I have)/make up just to fit the formalness of it. I loooveeee the dress I have, but I was thinking about wearing a shall or something like that. Then I could take it off once everyone gets too drunk to care 🀣🀣. My grandma does have to take my dress in so there's that, but I'm just tired of feeling like I can't be myself around my family, who I live with :/

  10. I had my first burger there today and I was delicious. It tasted like a homemade burger, they were quick, it's cheap, and I'll be going back again. The last few times I got five guys it was not good and it was really expensive for it not being good. If things aren't broke, don't fix it πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

  11. I did it for about 3 months and it was hard but wonderful. I slipped back into using again after a retreat, go figure. I find I have way more motivation and it's nice to not have the nagging thing in my head beging me to get high at night.

  12. Bruh I did the same thing my first time: a Wendy's burger 😭😭😭😭 safe travels!

  13. OP I went thru your post history to have more context and first of all, I'm so sorry you are going thru what you are dealing with, no one should have to do that especially right after child birth.

  14. Beautiful trip report my friend. Mushrooms bring me closer to God as well and to have an experience like that must be life changing. God bless you and I pray for your success in life πŸ™

  15. Did my first solo trip as a woman in August, it was tough, but it was so worth it. I'm glad you're able to reconnect with yourself πŸ’šπŸ’š

  16. MDM. When that ep dropped I grieved and mourned over my relationship bc I knew I had to break up with my bf and that hair helped me cry so much. Sorry you going thru that man. It's better to cry and process all those emotions now vs when you're 8 post break up and you're still not ok

  17. Being consistent. I was doing great in expansion this past year, but I just moved and I feel so out of touch with myself. I haven't been praying, no meditation, not seeing my signs that I'm doing the right thing, no yoga, no exercise. Plus I know I'm out of touch with myself when I just wanna do drugs and isolate myself, which has been the feeling for the last few weeks. I just hate how in touch I was with myself and God and to feel like I just lost it all in a matter of weeks truly hurts.

  18. Did anyone else learn this in elementary gym class like I did?

  19. cajun but you use old bay??? baw where’s the tony’s

  20. I use slap ya mama as my main source of seasoning, but something about a lil ole bay, idk it hits ya. My mama told me to put it in my red beans once and it just adds something different bc it's not Cajun seasoning.

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