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  1. Reducing the budget to reflect revenue? Who would have thought of such a thing from government. Outstanding work!

  2. Guess it's time to reduce police patrols because there is no crime in some areas.

  3. That's not my point. I'm saying if you significantly raise property taxes for St. Louis Co you make moving to other counties all the more attractive....counties which are already more attractive with the status quo.

  4. If you would have raised it slightly over the years it wouldn't have been so bad to do and, if you had the money in prior years the deficit may not be here now because you would have been able to fund preventive maintenance efforts earlier. St. Charles County and Jefferson County will sooner or later face the same issues St. Louis City and St. Louis County are because of the Hancock Amendment.

  5. How many of the people in this picture would lose Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid if Republicans actually won?

  6. Does your potential employer allow you to carry a firearm on you or are you just going to store it in your car and contribute to the violent crime problem?

  7. Interesting that Mr. Cox is lying about his history with Mr. Fuentes. Any ideas on why he would blatantly lie about his connections with this white supremacist?

  8. If anything, gunfire does not appear to affect property values like it used to.

  9. why is his mindset that, instead of trying to make his party and policies and candidates appeal to those voters?

  10. Because Republicans don't want to govern, they want to rule.

  11. Thank you for your reply. My husband and I have been thinking of moving, and this is setting the fire under our a**es. They are true slumlords, as long as I am paying rent everything is fine type of thing. BUT I am weary of that due to the whole “if it’s not three years it’s not wear n tear thing”. We’ve been here for almost two, and rented this mess “as is” and i’m SO SCARED i’m going to be charged for everything wrong here. BE CAREFUL WHAT LEASE YOU SIGN ;) EVEN WHEN YOU ARE DESPERATE

  12. Who runs the defense on this team because they should be fired!

  13. You mean being held more accountable and having the law apply to them.

  14. I think Spire vacated that building. Also I think they are really bad at finding leaks. 4 years in a row and 4 years straight they have ripped up the street in front of my neighbors and left a steel plate.


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