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  1. I bought a replacement case from the Bose website because I lost it. It had the slot built-in.

  2. Indeed. Though the last I looked, the Bose website was out of stock. Maybe. You have a different link that you could share?

  3. Doesn't take AI to take a minute to "search" before posting. What this sub needs is people to be harsher to posters who put in zero effort.

  4. Well, I looked at all the posts in the prior 12+ hours and didn’t see anything similar already posted. So yes, I did search and “put in some effort.”

  5. One of the posts I linked was posted 11 hours ago - which would have been only a few hours before this one. Reddit's search isn't perfect by any means, but if I search "free line" and sort by 'new,' both also show up in the top 5 results. Your name doesn't inspire confidence ;)

  6. If the whole world could only be a tenth of how you are, imagine how it would be….

  7. For what it’s worth, every time I’ve helped/facilitated a friend switching services, I’ve found myself being blamed any time the service or process is less than perfect. No upside potential - only downside. Maybe it’s my friends though!

  8. And you are welcome. Let me know the outcome. I still have a buddy who works for both so if worse comes to worse I may be able to pull a favor for you. Just PM me

  9. Is this offer to help still available? I'm looking to replace a QC35 case and am striking out else wise.

  10. You'll have a blast, Russian winter is enchanting. Make sure to eat at stolovaya. Amazing, great food, and cheap.

  11. After taking care of those two big things, don't spend that money on anything else, just then divert it to a high yield savings or other investment program. You've effectively lived this long without that money, so you can do without it. The temptation is to spend it once it appears to be liquid and available.

  12. Why choose? I'd use some enchantment and have them both at the same time!

  13. Boeing has always had contracts with VZW & ATT. Today internal news says it'll be TMO & ATT. Although unlike the previous two there will be no new install of TMO equipment. So choose your carrier carefully. In my experience most will then go with ATT to keep coverage inside Boeing facilities. As TMO struggles some. VZW to TMO is a cost savings move.

  14. Wait. Holdup. I thought that the rules were that black people could use those kind of words as much as they want. Those words were only supposed to be verboten for white people to use. So, what happened?

  15. J.K. Rowling and I agree with you. Women are special, different, and deserve to be recognized as such.

  16. Super old, basic technology. Surprised it’s still around.

  17. Don't forget the first of Circuit Switched Data! ahhhh, 1G analog

  18. Keep in mind, it’s lifetime which means activate it ONCE (not transferable across computers) as well as you only get updates for about 4-5 years

  19. EU imposed a cap on Russian oil yesterday and Russia said that they won’t even sell to countries that try to cap them. So, the EU is shooting itself in the foot and OPEC is not going to let the USA be the only one to make a boatload of money off of EU subservience and craziness and self-destructiveness.

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