1. I'm not sure that it's operational anymore.

  2. Yeah, their rye is outstanding.

  3. I’ve never stay in one, what would be some examples of the chores they give you??

  4. Some air bnbs ask the following: strip the beds, do the dishes, run the dishwasher, bring all dirty towels into common area, take out all garbage, etc.

  5. Pantina 250. Grossly overpriced and the food was not good at all. For the price I was expecting a high end restaurant... instead my BBQ short ribs tasted like cilantro. My wife's pasta had no taste whatsoever, and the focaccia had honey on it. Like, who puts honey on focaccia bread?

  6. Sorry you had a bad experience. My wife and I go regularly. Love the changing menu and especially the buffalo cauliflower.

  7. Damn that really sucks, did you happen to reach out to the company to try to remedy it? I actually had the owner do my inspection as we did our first walkthrough and couldn’t have an inspection contingency.

  8. I never thought of that. Had the inspection, bought the home, then once in saw issues that were just so apparent I was shocked it wasn't picked up.

  9. They have insurance specifically for this called errors and omissions, it’s a pretty unique insurance policy but I’m pretty sure they are required to have it, if it’s a big issue, especially financially, call them and ask for their errors and omissions bond/insurance company so you can file a claim

  10. This was a few years ago and we subsequently sold the home, but thanks for the information.

  11. I get 5g with my fi, in the city of buffalo.

  12. I saw that too! Either at mckinley or maple...

  13. That would be great. You know more than me!

  14. How did all the cast iron hold up on your BlueStar? Looking at the RCS model now and worried the cast iron grates and bowls are going to get all gross.

  15. They definitely develop a patina if grease. If you stay on top of it and clean regularly it's no issue. I deep cleaned the grates and bowls about twice a year.

  16. I had a blue star for 12 years. Lots of pros and cons.

  17. Cool, would you be able to elaborate? Thanks in advance.

  18. off the top of my head: oven ignitor twice failed to heat up and ignite. oven fan twice stopped working. door stuck/ new door. a few ignitors, and a few more that rusted on to the underside of the burner, resulting in new burners.

  19. I owned a f and p fridge for 12 years, never needing any work. Just bought a new one at my new house. They rock.

  20. I lived at this Tower Records. It was in the Village on Broadway and it was like 3-4 stories and had selections of every sort of music you could imagine. They also had a lounge area and I think a coffee bar? And there was a flea market next door w illegal tapes/CDs you could buy. Along with a spliff. Teenage heaven lol!

  21. It was a block south or so of a Wendy's and two boots pizza. Perfect post high school hang out spot.

  22. Two boots was amazing but their pizza is so stale now. But I only have been to the East Village location as of recent.. is the original still open? What corner was that? Great Jones I think?

  23. The original was on avenue a or b and like 4th. Full restaurant. I loved it there. Such a different vibe from regular corner joints.

  24. Rejuvenation.com has period lighting, but totally check out house of antique hardware. Also Charleston hardware.

  25. Wasn't there another one recently that was kind of random?

  26. How about the one at Elmwood and bird with all those celebrities??

  27. Ive made wishes on mystery islands and then stars came to my beach the next day!

  28. It goes to your beach regardless of where you made the wishes. Are you also referring to Kapp'n islands? I don't think I've ever seen shooting stars on mystery islands.

  29. Running in the hills of Florence and having a stray dog run beside me as I ran past olive orchards.

  30. This is the place on Kenmore? I've almost never seen it open. What's the secret to getting in?

  31. It's open almost daily. Only for dinner.

  32. it’s obviously subjective but this rating is wrong. downvote me all you want.

  33. I have to sorta agree. I went to Bianco in Phoenix, been to una in nyc before he left for SF. I go to Jay's regularly. It's very good, don't get me wrong. But I still remember the best. Phoenix and NYC.

  34. This is the correct answer for estate sales. For yard and garage best bet is Craigslist and Facebook.

  35. My Fisher And Paykel is 31x68. That's kinda close...

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