1. Not a you problem. I would highly highly highly suggest getting a second opinion. I had a PCP who dismissed my issues for YEARS and wrote everything off as nutrient deficiencies. Fast forward, that PCP retired so it automatically switched to a new one. I told this one about everything going on and this one immediately ordered a ton of tests~ sure enough, no nutrient deficiencies and markers of inflammation among some other stuff. She referred me and now I’m seeing a rheumatologist. If you don’t feel okay and your doctor isn’t listening, get a second opinion from a different doctor. You should be able to feel comfortable bringing up your concerns with your doctor. You have to be your own advocate, you know yourself and the issues affecting you best. Best of luck to you friend.

  2. 17f here, in the no social life club right there with you. When I was in high school I was out sick a lot. My brother was always jealous and my friends were too. I am lucky enough to have a best friend who understands what I’m going through, and she has health problems too sadly. But it’s nice we can be there for each other. The good thing about the internet is support groups like this one. They always help me feel less alone. Best of luck to you friend.

  3. Hey!! Some things I like to do to keep my mental health stable are : take care of myself (aka, shower daily, exercise if i can). I really like to do at least one self-care heavy day a week, which i usually do a long shower with a hair mask, shave, do my eyebrows, etc. i usually clean my room this day too, make my bed and all that. Being clean and having a clean space does LOADS for my mental health. Also just getting “dressed” every day, even if it’s still pajamas just different ones.

  4. Seeing a lot of fatigue on here, which is totally valid. For me that’s something I’ve just learned to deal with, the real kicker for me is the physical pain in my body. Specifically my joints.

  5. Updates will be replied to this thread. Day 2: I’ll be posting updates about the symptoms I experienced while on Nexplanon, and then any weird reactions I have to it being removed as well. So background, had nausea, acne, weight gain, worsened nutrient deficiencies, headaches, etc, while on Nexplanon. Nausea: The nausea is worsened the day after the procedure. No vomiting so far though, so it’s not super severe. Pain: Arm pain is probably a 4/10. Feels kind of like a stabbing/ stinging pain, according to Nexplanon’s website this is normal. Minimal but noticeable swelling. Acne: Never had acne before the Nexplanon, got it after insertion. No change so far, hopeful that it will be better in about a month. Weight: had rapid weight gain on the Nexplanon that started out of the blue and felt impossible to get off. Will see how this progresses in the coming weeks/ months. So far minimal change. Other notes: Not sure if this is related, but I slept for so long. Like was wiped out after the procedure and took a three hour nap, went about my business, then slept for about 15 hours. Absolutely splitting headache though. Will update tomorrow.

  6. 3 months post removal: Mental health is great, have some worsened anxiety but more motivation and no depression!

  7. Down 20lbs! It’s practically falling off now that my hormones and balancing out.

  8. I’m so sorry I will never be able to eat a pudding cup again the title I- 😭 yes it’s normal btw but GOOD GOD with the description 😭

  9. Oh yeah. Absolutely horrible acne on it. Never had acne at all before and now that I’m off my skin has cleared up so much.

  10. Sounds like it’s time to play doctor roulette. Aka, just see a new doctor when yours doesn’t listen. Luckily for me it was third time’s the charm. Doctor hop until someone listens, friend. Because someone WILL listen.

  11. Oh my god, I’m so sorry you’re going through that, but GODDAMN are you funny.

  12. It really depends on the specifics of your condition, how you feel about it and manage it, what and how much you ask a partner for, and who you date.

  13. I would say it can be a challenge. Although I have to say, I am the chronic ill one. Luckily we met before everything went down the drain. Then I was still working and studying, right now I am on medical leave.

  14. I met my partner “before everything went down the drain as well”. I think it’s easier when you meet as “healthy” people.

  15. It does, you definitely have to work for it though. I couldn’t lose weight at all on the Nexplanon, I gained about 30lbs on it. So far, two months post removal and I’ve lost 10lbs from my weight at removal! Twenty more to go and I’ll be at my “normal” weight. Best of luck to you.

  16. Be my happiness. He should supplement it definitely, but not be the only source.

  17. It sounds like you're feeling burnt out because you need to be believed, taken at face value. I wish people would trust us by default instead of asking us to fight tooth and nail just to be seen as valid.

  18. I am burnt out, the doctor I had previously believed me but he retired and now unfortunately I’m alone in the fight. I wish people would trust us by default too. I’m so tired of fighting, but I have to.

  19. Yeah, I often have difficulty now because she’s always been like this. You’re right, she’s not worth it. I am hoping to be moved out as soon as I can.

  20. If he said he would send u a grand and then only sent 750 that’s an answer to ur delema in itself. Ask for the rest keep it and move on

  21. He says he’s sending the rest when he gets a bonus at work (couple months). The 750 was to prove he’s “serious”.

  22. Probably, yes. What inflammatory condition is that, exactly?

  23. Atopic dermatitis. Good to know. Homocysteine has not been tested.

  24. The dermatitis has unfortunately been inherited and I’ve had it since birth. Good information though, I’ll keep it in mind.

  25. Yeah, money doesn’t buy happiness but it does pay for therapy.

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