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When you come across a feel-good thing.


When you come across a feel-good thing.

  • By - TGOTR

  1. I didn't. I hadn't even noticed until I brought it home. I ordered it from the bank!

  2. Apmex always comes nice and shiny for me.

  3. Mines coming in tomorrow. Better be nice and shiny. The Britannia sold out really quick after the queen died. Now all the Australian and Canadian coins are going too. Silver also. I only bought it because of the queen. This may be the last year with her on it

  4. Eating and playing the ps5 or watching the rings of power...there's not an impressive amount of smoking needed to be done here

  5. I do 1 ounce of silver for every gram of gold. Gold I buy for weight and silver I like to buy statutes and cool coins. Silver is more of a collection to me where as gold is the savings. I started doing this when I realized this exact same thing

  6. Read books and study recent charts of some bigger companies. Stay away from penny stocks until you get some more experience. I personally have a few audio books about investing that I'm sometimes able to listen to at work. Read the books and pounded it into my brain with constant listening of the audio books. Staying away from penny stock will minimize the losses you're almost guaranteed to take at first. Reinvesting your profits within 30 days exempt you from taxes until you cash out or don't reinvest with in the 30 day. Losses wash gains as long as the 30 day rule is followed. And stay away from reddit posts lol. Do your own research and pick your own stocks don't follow any internet hype. And check out some daily direction indexes if you're more into the idea of trading. SOXS and SOXL is where most of my gains have been coming from lately. Easier to make money during a down trend in my opinion. And don't get discouraged after you take a few hits to your portfolio. You're going to lose no doubt but once you get the hang of things there's alot of money to be made

  7. And also get a source of daily news. So many different things affect the market that you wouldn't guess. I have WSJ and Barron's. Subscriptions are on sale all the time

  8. Only if you know when to trade for cash....

  9. The US dollar is the strongest its been in a very long time...

  10. You can smoke almost anything lol. Do you really want to inhale all that ink though?

  11. Lol the superior woman needs to do extra math homework

  12. Kung Fu without honor is just fighting lol. First question should be can we test it...

  13. Alot of my profit from the stock market goes towards gold

  14. Babies getting murdered left and right

  15. Amazon has literally everything except drugs

  16. I buy 10 gram apmex bars of gold for the weight and I'm trying to keep am ounce of silver for every gram of gold I buy. But I like the silver rounds as a collection. In short I've started stacking gold for weight because of the lower premiums and collecting silver because I can get a 4 ounce silver Achilles statue. Can't find a gold statue of Achilles lol not that I could afford it

  17. Well uhhh Bart Fart....You got skills in it?

  18. Just don't jump out...boom not so terrified anymore

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